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Know About Kabaddi Rules to Master Your Playing Skills

Know About Kabaddi Rules to Master Your Playing Skills

India is the country where the exciting and dynamic sport of kabaddi was created. It's possible to argue that it's the ideal game for thrill-seekers. In the Maldives, the game is called Baibalaa, in Bangladesh, Hadudu, and in Maharashtra, Hututu. Bangladesh, a neighbor of India, has kabaddi as its national game. It is one of the few sports that doesn't require any special equipment to play. The rules of Kabaddi are also extremely basic. We'll examine kabaddi game-related material in this blog.

 Here Are The 6 Basic Rules Of Kabaddi

1. Measurements of Kabaddi Field and Its Playing Area

  • The playing surface is 13 by 10 meters, and the kabaddi ground measurement is the same.
  • There are two sections to the playing area.
  • Each half is occupied by one team. There are also many different types of surfaces, ranging from spare ground to a clay court.
  • Matches are contested by two teams.
  • Each team consists of seven players, and they are positioned in opposing halves of the field.

2. Team Rules

  • Every player has an alternating turn to move any one of the other players to their side.
  • While every member of the other team is referred to as a defender, this player is known as the raider.
  • Whichever team gets to score the most points wins the game.

3. Goals for the Raiders in the Kabaddi Match

  • The most important rule is this one. The raiders must inhale and continuously chant "kabaddi kabaddi."
  • After tagging a player on the other team, the raider should go back to his half.
  • When a player fails to tag an opponent team member or gasps for air, they are considered "out."
  • There are 30 seconds allocated for every raid.
  • The opposing team scores one point and the raider is eliminated if he is unable to reach his half in the allotted time.
  • When there are six or seven defenders on the opposing team, the raider receives an extra point if they cross the check line with one foot in the air.

4. Defenders' Goals in a Kabaddi Match

5. Duration of a Kabaddi Match

6. Bonus point