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How To Hide & Unhide Chat In WhatsApp

We use WhatsApp every day, all the time, and the features. There are so many features in WhatsApp and hiding or unhiding chats are one of them. Let's learn together this easy hack!!

Steps For Hiding Chats

Open WhatsApp and then find the chatbox that you want to hide. After that  Long pressed the chat. Now click on the archive button at the top right corner and then done. For iPhone users, you just need to swipe right on the chat that you want to hide and then click the Archive button.

Steps For Unhiding Chats

Open WhatsApp and at the top, you will find an Archived option. Click on this and then you will see all the hide chats. After that just long-press on the chats and press Unacrchive chat at the top right corner.

For iPhone Users, you just need to click on the Archived chats option and then swipe right on the chat that you want to unarchive. And then tap on Unarchive.