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Top 10 Headphones Brand In India In 2022



Music is a song of relaxation that takes you away from the chaos of the outer world and what helps you in it are the headphones. Headphones not only help you in listening use but to make your audible workloads easier. We have brought you a list of the most recognized headphones in India:

  1. BoAt

Most of you might be familiar with the Indian company BoAt. The company made a name for itself in the audio market with high-quality products at a pocket-friendly cost. It is among the leading headphones brands in India offering wired and wireless headphones.

  1. JBL

It is among the most popular headphones brands in India because of the diverse selection of records at venue prices ranges. It is preferred over other brands mainly because of its high-quality audio and smart style.

  1. Beats

It is an American consumer audio products manufacturer brand focusing on headphones and speakers. they might be expensive but they provide you with modern look headphones in just the same vein as Apple products with the best high-quality features.

  1. Philips

It is a Dutch company leading the industry in audio devices. Philips is a trusted company that provides clear sound, fashionable patterns, and explains manufacturing with headphones.

  1. Sony

It is among the Most iconic electronic brands of today's generation. The brand continued to expand by launching countless incredible products with robust water resistance, capable of playing Hi-Res Audio content, noise cancellation, and battery life in wired and wireless options.

  1. Skull Candy

An American company, Skullcandy deals In headphones and earphones at varied price ranges. They are known for their distinct designs. They are an ideal match for long-term listening activities such as exercises, jogging because of their comfort level offered. 

  1. Sennheiser

It is German electrical from offering a wide range of headphones offering luxury headphones that are fashionable, intelligently designed to improve customer enjoyment.

  1. Plantronics

It is one of the top companies when it comes to producing quality wireless headsets that can be used anywhere. They offer great features in the headphone such as maximum mobility, premium wideband audio quality with convertible wearing style.

  1. Bose

 Bose ( now bought by Apple) is the top headphone brand in India. The brand is an active plan of fracture of headphones with active noise control, BlueTooth icon, noise-canceling, touch icon, and a wide Bluetooth range.

  1. Noise

With a few decades of experience in the market, they are among the leading headphones brands in India. They offer reliable and modest pricing for small and light high-quality items with good bass.