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Top 5 Fitness brands In India In 2022



With the changing styles and habits, maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes a necessary task. And keeping a healthy lifestyle not just includes food but fitness practices too. Now, we are going to discuss some brands that help in keeping us fit:

  1. Fitkit

It is a women-owned brand that simplest fitness and wellness. It goes with the motto “Wellness is too important to be complicated.” It focuses on manufacturing equipment to create an ideal balance between the purpose and content of modern fitness.

  1. Kore Fitness

It has a variety of weights, dumbbells, and chin-up bars all at affordable rates. The USP of Kore Fitness is that their gym equipment is less expensive than the local brands available in India.

  1. Cockatoo

It promises to manufacture gym equipment based on the user’s expectations. They also work on customizing the equipment according to your needs. It has a team of dedicated technicians and sales officers all over India to support its customers.

  1. Cosco

It is a very well-known brand among fitness products. They have broadened their horizons by manufacturing home fitness and lifestyle products. They are not only limited to this but have tie-ups with sports academies within India.

  1. Lifeline Fitness

It is a pioneer brand that specializes in maintaining the best maintenance customer support and manufacturing multi-purpose home gym equipment.