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Everything To Know About What Is PAN Card With QR Code?

Pan card

A Permanent Account Number (PAN) card with a QR code is an improved version of the original PAN card issued by the Income Tax Department in India. The inclusion of a QR (Quick Response) code to the PAN card is intended to provide extra security measures and simplicity of verification for both cardholders and authorities. Here's what you should know about PAN cards with QR codes:

1. What is the PAN card?
A PAN card is a 10-character alphanumeric identification number provided by the Income Tax Department to persons, entities, and businesses in India. It is used as the principal identifying document for financial transactions, tax filing, and other legal matters.

2. Introduction of QR Codes:

In 2018, the Income Tax Department launched PAN cards with QR codes to improve security and make it easier to verify PAN details. The QR code carries important information such as the cardholder's name, PAN number, date of birth (if applicable), and photograph.

3. The purpose of the QR code:
The QR code on the PAN card allows for fast verification of the cardholder's information by scanning the code using a QR code reader or a mobile application. This helps to avoid counterfeiting, identity theft, and the misuse of PAN cards.

4. Feature & Benefits:
Enhanced protection: The QR code provides an additional degree of protection by enabling for speedy verification of PAN information.
Convenient Verification: By scanning the QR code, authorities, banks, and other organizations can quickly check the legitimacy of PAN cards.
Errors can be reduced because the relevant information can be received immediately from the QR code.
Efficient Authentication: The QR code allows for smooth authentication of PAN details during bank transactions, tax filings, and other official operations.

5. How to Use the PAN Card with QR Code:
Individuals or authorities can utilize a QR code scanner, which is available on most smartphones, or download PAN verification-specific mobile applications.
When you scan the QR code, the appropriate information encoded in the QR code will be shown, allowing for quick and accurate verification.

6. Validity & Compliance:
PAN cards with QR codes are legitimate identification credentials provided by the Income Tax Department of India. Cardholders must comply with applicable legislation and maintain their PAN cards secure to avoid misuse.

In essence, a PAN card with a QR code is an updated version of the classic PAN card that provides better security and verification. The presence of a QR code allows for quick and accurate authentication of PAN details, contributing to a more efficient and secure financial system.