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How To Find The Airtel Number


Bharti Airtel is a prominent telecom company in India with a comprehensive network across the country. Recently, Airtel introduced Airtel 5G Plus, a service providing ultra-fast upload and download speeds. This service is available in over 100 cities, and the company is striving to extend it nationwide. A notable feature is that Airtel's 5G services are currently free to use.

If you've recently acquired an Airtel SIM card and are struggling to remember your new phone number, don't worry. This guide provides straightforward methods to help you find your Airtel phone number quickly. From using USSD codes to accessing the Airtel Thanks App, you have several options to choose from.


Here are some methods to retrieve your SIM card phone number:

Method 1: Using USSD Code

The easiest way to check your Airtel number is by using USSD codes. These codes provide information without needing to contact customer service.
1. Insert your Airtel SIM card into your phone.
2. Dial *282# on your phone.
3. A message will appear displaying your mobile number: "Hi, Your Mobile No. is: XXXXXXXXX."
4. Note down the number for future reference.

Method 2: Using the Airtel Thanks App

You can also find your number using the Airtel Thanks App. Ensure you have a stable internet connection.
1. Download the Airtel Thanks App from the App Store or Google Play Store.
2. Sign in and navigate to the app's homepage.
3. Your Airtel phone number and its validity will be displayed on the home screen.
4. For details about your recent recharge, go to "More" > "My Airtel" > "Transaction History."

The Airtel Thanks App also provides information on data usage, balance, validity, and allows you to recharge your phone number. It offers various deals as well.

Method 3: Checking Device Settings

For Android devices:
1. Open the "Settings" app.
2. Scroll down and select "About Phone."
3. Look for the "Phone Number" section to find your Airtel number.

For iOS devices:
1. Open "Settings."
2. Select "Phone."
3. Tap on "My Number" to view your 10-digit phone number.

Method 4: Contacting Airtel Customer Care

Another simple way is to call Airtel customer service.
1. Dial 121 or 198.
2. Follow the IVRS instructions to find out your registered Airtel mobile number, balance, and validity.


Airtel provides various easy-to-use services and tools to make managing your account convenient. From USSD codes to mobile apps, this article covers all significant methods to help you verify your Airtel number effortlessly.