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How To Save FB Video

How to Save Facebook Videos: A Comprehensive Guide
FB Video

Facebook is a treasure trove of engaging videos, from heartwarming clips to informative tutorials. Sometimes, you come across a video that you want to save for offline viewing or future reference. While Facebook doesn’t provide a direct option to download videos, there are several methods to save them. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to save Facebook videos using different devices and techniques.

Method 1: Saving Videos on Desktop

Step 1: Copy the Video Link
  1. Open Facebook: Log into your Facebook account and navigate to the video you want to save.
  2. Copy the Link: Click on the three dots (menu) at the top right corner of the video post. Select "Copy link" from the dropdown menu.
Step 2: Use a Third-Party Website

How to Find Videos on Facebook - 8 easy ways

  1. Open a Video Download Website: Websites like "", "", or "" can be used to download Facebook videos.
  2. Paste the Link: In the download field on the chosen website, paste the copied Facebook video link.
  3. Download the Video: Click on the download button. Choose your preferred video quality if options are provided, and the video will be saved to your computer.

Method 2: Using Browser Extensions

Step 1: Install a Browser Extension
  1. Choose an Extension: Extensions like "Video Downloader Plus" or "Video DownloadHelper" are popular choices.
  2. Install the Extension: Go to the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-ons store, search for the extension, and click "Add to Chrome" or "Add to Firefox".
Step 2: Download the Video
  1. Navigate to the Video: Go to the Facebook video you want to save.
  2. Use the Extension: Click on the browser extension icon. It will detect the video and provide download options.
  3. Download the Video: Select the video quality and click on the download button.

Method 3: Saving Videos on Mobile Devices

For Android:
  1. Download a Video Downloader App: Apps like "Video Downloader for Facebook" can be found on the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the App: Log into your Facebook account through the app.
  3. Find the Video: Browse to the video you want to save.
  4. Download: Tap the download button to save the video to your device.
For iPhone:
  1. Install a File Manager App: "Documents by Readdle" is a good option available on the App Store.
  2. Use a Browser: Open the app and use its built-in browser to visit a Facebook video downloader website like "".
  3. Download the Video: Copy the video link from Facebook, paste it into the downloader website, and save the video through the file manager app.

Method 4: Using Command Line Tools (Advanced)

For tech-savvy users, command line tools like youtube-dl can be used to download Facebook videos.

Step 1: Install youtube-dl
  1. Install Python: youtube-dl requires Python to run.
  2. Install youtube-dl: Use the command pip install youtube-dl in your terminal.
Step 2: Download the Video
  1. Copy the Video URL: As in previous methods, copy the Facebook video URL.
  2. Run the Command: Use the command youtube-dl [URL] where [URL] is the copied link. The video will be downloaded to your current directory.


Saving Facebook videos can be done in several ways depending on your device and technical comfort level. From using third-party websites and browser extensions to mobile apps and command line tools, you have a variety of options at your disposal. Always ensure that you respect copyright laws and download videos only for personal use or with permission from the original uploader.