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Tips To Get 5000 Reel Views For Free On Instagram In 2024


For many content creators, the question of How to Get 5000 Reels Views for Free on Instagram is still a mystery in the busy world of digital media. With Instagram Reels growing rapidly, getting noticed amid its fleeting waterfall can seem impossible. 
Instagram Reels has little on offer for advertisers — for now

But what if you could, without breaking the bank, not just captivate but also grow your audience exponentially? Real, non-financial access to thousands of views has the power to completely change your internet presence. 

  1. Count your first few seconds

People are using their Instagram Reels tab as a marathon. To convince people to stop scrolling, you have to catch their eye in the first three seconds. Cut off the opening phrases, such as "hi people!" and get straight to the subject. To pique interest, hint at what viewers may expect from watching your reel, then follow through on that promise.

  • To increase video views on your Instagram Reels, use these clever hook ideas:

  • You won't believe this one piece of advice or fact.

  • Do you face difficulties with [a problem that members of your target audience face]? Observe these X suggestions.

  • These X factors are preventing you from achieving [the outcome that your target audience desires].

  • Did you know [a startling truth your readers might not be aware of but would want to hear]?

  • How to [something your audience is interested in learning] in X simple steps or for free

  • The key to achieving [what your target audience wants to achieve]

  1. Use trending audios

  • After uploading a reel, tap the 'Trending' button. This will display 50 of the songs that are currently the most popular on the app. (Remember that this new feature may still be accessible to you as it is still being rolled out. Hold on, it should soon appear in your app!

  • Watch what's happening in your Reels feed (access it by tapping the video button at the bottom of the Instagram app). You may discover trending Reels from content creators you follow and those you don't by visiting your personalized Reels feed.

  1. Make a reel that makes people save, comment, and share

When Instagram Reels receive a lot of attention—that is, comments, saves, and shares—their engagement increases.

  1. Share your Instagram reel on Instagram Stories

Posting your Instagram Reels on your Instagram Stories is a simple method to increase their view count. Views of your Story will be considered additional Reel views. It's crucial to share your Instagram reel on Instagram Stories because not all of your followers may see it in their feeds, and Stories are a fantastic method to inform them when you post new content.