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10 Best Carrom Players Of All Time


Carrom, a beloved tabletop game with Indian roots, has captivated players for centuries. From humble beginnings as a pastime, it has evolved into a competitive sport demanding focus, precision, and strategic thinking. Today, we celebrate ten carrom champions whose exceptional talent has shaped the game's history.


Here are the top 10 best carrom players.

A. Maria Irudayam (India): A towering figure, Irudayam dominated the sport in the latter half of the 20th century. He secured an impressive nine National Championship titles and emerged victorious at the World Carrom Championships twice, earning him the prestigious Arjuna Award in 1996 for his outstanding contributions.

Chamil Cooray (Sri Lanka): Leading Sri Lanka to victory at the 2016 World Championship, Cooray etched his name in carrom history. He holds the unique distinction of being the only player to claim the coveted Swiss World League title, showcasing his prowess on a global stage.

K. Srinivas (India):  This young talent from Hyderabad has quickly risen through the ranks, amassing numerous titles in both men's singles and doubles. Notably, he clinched the coveted 4th Carrom World Cup title, solidifying his position as a force to be reckoned with.

S. Ilavazhagi (India): Considered one of India's finest female carrom players, Ilavazhagi achieved a remarkable feat in 2008. She secured both the National and World Championship titles in the women's singles category, a testament to her exceptional skills.

Nishantha Fernando (Sri Lanka): Sri Lanka's first-ever World Champion in men's singles (2012), Fernando played a pivotal role in securing their 2016 World Championship victory. His talent and leadership cemented his place as a national hero.

Dominating the International Scene

Rashmi Kumari (India): Marking her debut in 1992, Kumari has carved a distinguished career. She has secured two World Championship titles alongside numerous national accolades, including runner-up positions in the sub-junior national championships.

Pierre Dubois (France): A global ambassador for carrom, Dubois has garnered immense respect for his exceptional skill. He holds an impressive eight national championship titles in France and five European championship titles, showcasing his dominance on both the national and international stage.

National Champions Leave Their Mark

B. Radhakrishnan (India): A formidable competitor, Radhakrishnan's dedication to the game is evident in his two National Championship titles. He also played a crucial role in India's team event victory at the SAARC Championship, further demonstrating his strategic mind and adaptability.

Parmi Nirmala (India): Often hailed as the "Queen of Carrom," Nirmala's reign began in 1980. She boasts a remarkable collection of titles, including seven State Championships, five Senior Nationals, and eleven All India LIC Championships. Her runner-up finishes at the World Championships in 1995 and 2000 solidify her place among the greats.

Ravivarman Sharmila (India): Overcoming challenges, Sharmila rose to prominence through sheer dedication. Starting her carrom journey at a young age, she secured multiple national titles across different categories. Her contribution to India's victory at the Independence Cup in Sri Lanka serves as a testament to her unwavering spirit.

These ten champions represent a mere glimpse into the rich tapestry of carrom's history. Their dedication, unwavering focus, and strategic brilliance continue to inspire generations of players around the world. As carrom evolves on the global stage, these legends will undoubtedly remain etched in its memory.