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How To Get YouTube Premium For Free

How To Get YouTube Premium For Free

A membership plan called YouTube Premium gives users access to ad-free, offline, and background playback content on YouTube. A thorough understanding of the plans, costs, and creative ways to get it for free can greatly improve your YouTube experience.

1. Pricing for YouTube Premium Plans:

  • Monthly Cost for Individual Plan: Rs. 139
  • Students: Rs. 79 a month for the plan
  • Monthly cost of Family Plan: Rs. 189
  • Annual Plan: INR 12,90 annually

2. Offers of Free Trials:

  • One-month complimentary trial period (new subscribers only; student monthly plan)
  • Three-month free trial (available to select new customers in India who activate new Google One accounts by December 2021).
  • A six-month complimentary trial is available at the Flipkart Rewards Store for 150 super coins.

3. Advantages of YouTube Premium:

  • videos without ads
  • To watch videos offline, download them.
  • Playback in the background features

4. Methods for Obtaining Free YouTube Premium:

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  • Free Trial Available:
    • Go into the newly updated YouTube app.
    • Track down and select "Get YouTube Premium."
    • Select the preferred trial duration (1, 3, or 6 months) and proceed with the registration procedure.

  • Amazon Supercoins:
    • Open the Flipkart app and go to the Supercoins section.
    • Go to the Rewards Store and use Supercoins to redeem deals for YouTube Premium.
    • To activate the membership, redeem the code at

  • Device Settings & Adblocker:
    • Make use of Mi phones running MIUI 12 or later.
    • In the settings, turn on "Video Toolbox".
    • For an ad-free experience, use an adblocker or an ad-blocking browser such as Brave.

  • Program for YouTube Referrals:
    • Tell your loved ones to subscribe to YouTube Premium.
    • With a maximum of ten recommendations, get one month free for every successful referral.

  • To Get Cheaper Access, Use a VPN:
    • Become a member of a reliable VPN (such as Surfshark, Atlas, or Nord VPN).
    • Join a server located in a nation where the cost of YouTube Premium is lower.
    • Join YouTube Premium now to save money.

5. Conclusion:

Recall that although these techniques offer options to get YouTube Premium for free or at a reduced price, some of them can pose privacy or legal problems. Select the one that best suits your tastes, but keep an eye out for any potential repercussions. Savour the improved YouTube experience, whether you use smart hacks or official subscriptions.