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List Of 9 Different Types Of Almonds ie Badam


We all know the nutrients and benefits of almonds. Isn't it? It is said that we must have 2-3 soaked almonds everyday and it will help our body in many ways. Because of their delicious taste and nutritious values they are used in different ways in different cultures. Today, we will be talking about different types of almonds. 

Nonpareil Variety of Almond

1. Nonpareil Almonds 

They are one of the widely known and used variant of the item. How can you differentiate between this and other almonds? Well, it has a  thin outer shell and the relative quality of the nut is smooth. Also, they have a light colour. 

2. Carmel Almonds 

Didn't the name made your mouth watery? But let me clear it for you, its not caramel here. The Carmel are the popular Califlornian almonds. They are used for roasting and blanching. 

3. Butte Almonds 

The easiest way to recognize this variant is that it has a semi-hard shell with a light color and smooth surface. Also, they are ratively small in size, short, slightly plump and comes with a wrinkled surface.

4. Peerless Almonds 

They have a hard shell with a very light color. One of the biggest advantages, particularly to the harvesters and sellers of peerless almonds, is their relatively long shelf life, that of 24 months.

5. Sonora Almonds 

Wired name right? It is a Califorian nut known for its peculiar shell. One could even identify them easily owing to the dark brown color and rough surface.

6. Molar 

There are also different types of Molar almonds and Mollar Tarragona is one of the most popular ones. They can be consumed immediately and are sold along with the shells as they are easy to remove. 

7. Ferraduel 

After, discussing about so many Califlorian variants lets now talk about the delicious variants from the French. This one is known for its hard and wide appearance, along with the thin and dark brown flattened outer shell.

8. Marcona 

This one is from Spain. It is popular in various Meditarrian countries, along with India for its sweeter, softer, and moister taste and texture.

9. Ferragnes
There are a lot of unique things about this almond, especially its size, since they’re quite big, slightly pointed, and are brown.