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Top 10 Battery Recycling Startups in India

Powering the Future: India's Top 10 Battery Recycling Startups Leading the Charge
Top 10 Battery Recycling Startups in India

In an era marked by rapid technological advancement and growing environmental consciousness, the importance of sustainable practices cannot be overstated. One of the critical areas demanding attention is battery recycling, given the surge in electronic devices and electric vehicles. India, with its burgeoning tech sector and increasing environmental concerns, has seen the rise of several innovative startups dedicated to battery recycling. Here’s a look at the top 10 battery recycling startups in India that are making a significant impact:

Top 10 Battery Recycling Startups in India 2024

  1. Graviky Labs - Known for its innovative approach, Graviky Labs focuses on converting carbon emissions into ink, thereby recycling carbon and reusing it in a creative manner.

  2. Log 9 Materials - This startup has pioneered graphene-based products, including battery components, and is now venturing into efficient battery recycling technologies.

  3. Recykal - Specializing in end-to-end waste management solutions, Recykal integrates technology to streamline the recycling process, including batteries, across various sectors.

  4. Karo Sambhav - With a mission to establish a circular economy for electronics, Karo Sambhav operates extensive e-waste recycling programs, including batteries, ensuring responsible disposal and recycling.

  5. Attero Recycling - Attero has carved a niche in electronic waste management, focusing on recovering valuable metals from batteries and other electronic devices efficiently.

  6. Ecoreco - Offering comprehensive e-waste management solutions, Ecoreco emphasizes the importance of sustainable practices in handling and recycling batteries.

  7. Cerebra Integrated Technologies - This startup specializes in recycling electronic components, including batteries, using advanced technologies to recover materials effectively.

  8. Envirogreen Recycling - Envirogreen focuses on sustainable waste management solutions, including battery recycling, with an emphasis on environmental impact reduction.

  9. Virogreen India Pvt. Ltd. - Known for its expertise in handling electronic waste, Virogreen extends its services to include the recycling of batteries from various sources.

  10. GEM Enviro Management - GEM Enviro Management offers innovative solutions for recycling electronic waste, promoting a cleaner environment through responsible battery recycling.