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Top 10 Best Courier Brand In India In 2024

  Top 10 Courier Services in India 2024

Over the past decade, the D2C and eCommerce sectors in India have seen substantial growth, leading to a significant expansion of courier services that aim to provide efficient and timely delivery. With over 120 courier companies offering varying levels of service, cost, and reliability, selecting the best courier service can be challenging. We'll feature some of the best courier services in India in this blog, which are renowned for their dependability, effectiveness, and client happiness. These services are crucial in ensuring the prompt and safe delivery of parcels, documents, and goods, thereby connecting individuals and businesses across the country. Their commitment to client satisfaction and excellence in delivery performance sets them apart. Let's explore the top courier services that have earned the trust of individuals and organizations alike.

Top 10 Courier Services in India 2024:

Here are the best courier services in India, ensuring a seamless delivery experience. The list is compiled based on criteria such as affordability, delivery speed, and reach.



DTDC, established in 1990, is a well-known name in the logistics sector, providing swift and secure parcel delivery services. With over 11,000 franchise locations globally, DTDC covers more than 12,000 pin codes in India. They offer a range of services including eCommerce logistics, international shipping, and express delivery, catering to both consumers and businesses.

2. Delhivery

Founded in 2011, Delhivery has grown rapidly to become a leading courier company in India. It offers comprehensive logistics solutions, including supply chain management, fast parcel delivery, and eCommerce fulfillment. With a vast network of 93 fulfillment centers and 2,948 direct delivery centers, Delhivery services over 18,600 pin codes.

3. Borzo (WeFast)

Operating in over nine countries, Borzo is known for its efficient and reliable delivery services. It is popular in major Indian cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Mumbai, offering prompt delivery of various items including food orders, documents, and parcels. Borzo's real-time tracking ensures transparency and customer satisfaction.

4. Blue Dart

Blue Dart, established in 1983, is a prominent courier company in India. It services approximately 55,400 pin codes in India and over 220 countries worldwide. Known for its express shipping, temperature-controlled logistics, and international shipping, Blue Dart combines advanced technology with a customer-focused approach to ensure timely deliveries.

5. Ekart

 Initially Flipkart's logistics division, Ekart has become a significant player in the Indian courier industry. Covering more than 3,800 pin codes, Ekart offers pick-up and drop-off services, first- and last-mile delivery, and real-time tracking. Its technology-driven supply chain operations ensure quick delivery and reliable service.

6. DHL

DHL is a global leader in logistics and parcel delivery, servicing over 220 countries and territories. Known for its reliable and efficient delivery services, DHL offers same-day and next-day deliveries for urgent shipments. It provides extensive logistical solutions, making it a top choice for international shipping.

7. FedEx

FedEx is a well-known name in the global logistics industry, providing reliable courier services in India. It offers a wide range of services including express shipping, COD services, and logistics solutions for various sectors. FedEx ensures timely delivery with door-to-door pick-up and real-time tracking.

8. XpressBees

XpressBees is a leading provider of integrated logistics solutions in India. It services over 13,000 pin codes and has partnered with top eCommerce brands like Flipkart and Myntra. Known for its same-day and next-day delivery services, XpressBees is a trusted name in the logistics sector.

9. Trackon

Specializing in domestic parcel delivery, Trackon Courier serves over 3,800 pin codes across 47 cities in India. Known for its efficient and affordable services, Trackon has built a strong network to ensure safe and timely deliveries. Their premium service, Prime Track, offers expedited delivery for urgent consignments.

10. Swiggy Genie

Swiggy Genie extends Swiggy's delivery capabilities beyond food to include parcel and document delivery. Available in over 70 Indian cities, Swiggy Genie offers real-time tracking and prompt delivery services, making it a convenient choice for quick and reliable courier needs.


These top courier services in India have transformed the logistics sector with their extensive networks and advanced technology, offering various delivery options including same-day, express, and international shipping. Their reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction ensure that packages reach their destinations safely and on time.