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Top 10 Best Jacket Brands In 2024


Looking for a warm, cozy winter jacket? The market offers a plethora of brands that provide affordable winter jackets in various styles, patterns, and colors. From renowned global brands to local Indian companies, there is a vast array of fashionable, high-quality jackets available. These brands emphasize comfort and functionality along with a stylish designs. Whether you need a lightweight jacket for everyday wear or a heavy-duty winter jacket for extreme cold, the top jacket brands in India have got you covered. Here is a comprehensive guide to the best jacket brands in India for 2024.

Top 10 Jacket Brands in India 2024

Selecting a jacket in India can be daunting due to the numerous brands available. This list highlights the top 10 jacket brands in India to help you make an informed choice.

1. Lee
Overview: Lee is a well-established name in the fashion industry known for its quality and style. Lee jackets are celebrated for their classic designs, durable construction, and intricate detailing.
Known for comfort and durability.
Timeless, classic designs.
Versatile and suitable for various occasions.
Features like easy-to-use zippers and side pockets.
May lack features like extra warmth or multiple pockets.
Generally meant for casual wear, not extreme cold or wet weather.


2. Puma
Overview: A leading global sports brand, Puma designs clothing, accessories, and shoes. Puma jackets are known for blending sporty functionality with fashionable styles.
Made from high-quality, durable materials.
Designed for active lifestyles with vibrant colors and flexible fits.
Wide range of styles, including hoodies, bomber jackets, and windbreakers.
Available in various sizes.
Can be expensive, especially those with advanced features.
Sizing may not always be consistent.

3. Allen Solly
Overview: Known for its stylish and ready-to-wear formal apparel, Allen Solly also offers a range of jackets that combine comfort and style.
Fashionable and cutting-edge designs.
Broad variety of styles for different occasions.
Attention to detail in stitching and zippers.
May not appeal to everyone’s fashion preferences.
Not suitable for extremely cold temperatures.

4. Monte Carlo

Overview: Monte Carlo is renowned for its stylish and comfortable winter apparel, offering jackets that reflect the brand’s dedication to quality and innovation.
Made from high-quality materials.
Expertly tailored for a perfect fit.
Versatile styling options.
Limited selection compared to larger international brands.
Some jackets may not be warm enough for very cold weather.

5. Columbia
Overview: Columbia Sportswear is famous for its premium outdoor jackets, using advanced materials and technologies for superior performance.
Durable and made from premium materials.
Wide range of styles for different needs.
Multiple pockets for storage.
May not be breathable enough for intense physical activity.
Primarily designed for outdoor use, not always suitable for casual or formal wear.

6. Woodland
Overview: Woodland is known for its rugged, durable jackets, perfect for outdoor activities and harsh weather conditions.
Waterproof and windproof options.
Made from high-quality, long-lasting materials.
Suitable for both urban and outdoor wear.
Not as suitable for casual or formal occasions.
Heavy-duty design may not be ideal for daily wear.

7. Decathlon
Overview: Decathlon offers a wide range of sports and outdoor jackets that are known for their performance, affordability, and versatility.
Breathable materials for comfort during physical activities.
Functional pockets for storage.
Designed for durability and longevity.
Sizing may vary across different jacket types.
Some jackets may feel bulky, especially those designed for extreme weather.

8. Wildcraft
Overview: Wildcraft is an Indian brand known for its outdoor and adventure gear, offering jackets that blend style and functionality.
Made from durable and weather-resistant materials.
Lightweight and packable options available.
Focus on sustainability.
Utilitarian designs may not appeal to everyone.
Some jackets can be heavy, not ideal for everyday wear.

9. Roadsters
Overview: Roadster is popular for its trendy and stylish jackets, perfect for modern, urban lifestyles.
Contemporary and fashionable designs.
Variety of materials, including denim and leather.
Affordable pricing.
More focused on fashion than weather protection.
Variable quality in materials and construction.

10. Campus Sutra
Overview: Campus Sutra offers a variety of casual jackets known for their comfort and style, popular among younger people.
Wide range of styles to suit different fashion tastes.
Comfortable materials.
Affordable pricing.
Designs may not appeal to those seeking classic styles.
Fabric and construction quality may vary.


India boasts several top jacket brands, each offering unique features to cater to diverse preferences and needs. Whether you seek warmth, durability, style, or a combination of these, the best jacket brand for you will depend on your individual requirements. Consider factors like cost, usability, and design before making your choice. Review this list to ensure your purchase is worthwhile, and use discount coupons to get the best deals. Choose wisely to enhance your winter wardrobe effectively.