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Top 10 Best Pubg Players In India

The Foremost Face of India's PUBG Community

We all fondly remember the games of our childhood, whether it was Mario, Sonic, or Contra. However, PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) has created a unique impact, particularly its mobile version, which has spread across India like wildfire. The convenience of playing on smartphones likely catapulted its popularity.

A few years ago, friends would gather to play outdoor games like gully cricket or football. Today, groups of four find comfort in crouching over their devices, boarding a virtual plane, and landing on a digital island to compete for a 'Chicken Dinner.' Here’s a complete list of the best PUBG players in India.

“Let’s drop on Pochinki or Georgopol, or maybe somewhere else.” The discussions during the flight path are intense! The game's appeal lies in its immersive context and the opportunities it offers. As time passed, two main aspects emerged: entertainment and professional growth.

The rise of esports and numerous tournaments in India has led to significant career growth for many professional gamers.

One critical revolution brought by PUBG Mobile in India is the live streaming of gameplay by certain gamers. People have become increasingly hooked on these streams, with some Indian streamers surpassing 100,000 live viewers. In this script, we will introduce India’s top PUBG YouTubers and explore how they have contributed to the game’s deep integration into society.

Mortal (Naman Mathur)

One of the most captivating gamers in India, Naman Mathur, also known as Mortal, is a beloved streamer and player. With over 3.32 million subscribers, he is an inspiration to many. Mortal, part of the Soul Clan along with Viper, Ronak, and Owais, began his YouTube journey by uploading gameplay videos of Mini Militia. His popularity skyrocketed with a viral PUBG video featuring an epic final circle battle.

Mortal transitioned into competitive gaming and represented India at the PMCO Global event in Berlin, Germany. Team Soul secured first place in the PMCO India region, earning a spot in Berlin. He also led his team to victory at PMIS 2019 and is competing in the PMCO South Asia finals.

Dynamo Gaming (Aaditya Sawant)

Aaditya Sawant, known in-game as HYDRA | Dynamo, is a leading figure in India's PUBG community. His YouTube channel, Dynamo Gaming, boasts over 5.52 million subscribers, the highest for any Indian PUBG gamer. Dynamo started his channel before PUBG Mobile existed, streaming games like PUBG PC and Rainbow Six Siege. His channel's growth surged with the advent of PUBG Mobile, especially since it became available on emulators. Dynamo is the leader of the popular HYDRA clan and has transitioned to playing on mobile, maintaining his massive popularity.


One of the first-generation PUBG Mobile (emulator) players, MDisCrazY is known for his quality gameplay and popularity among other streamers. With over 621,000 subscribers, he frequently collaborates with Cosmic YT, and their duo gameplay is a fan favorite.

Cosmic YT (Inderpal Singh)

Inderpal Singh, aka Cosmic YT, is a versatile gamer known for his exceptional skills in PUBG Mobile (emulator) and other games. Recently, he has shifted to GTA 5 RP. Cosmic has a subscriber base of over 705,000 and is admired for his incredible gun sprays and engaging content.

Alpha Clasher (Pratik Jogiya)

Pratik Jogiya, known as HYDRA | Alpha, is a prominent member of the HYDRA clan and a long-time clanmate of Dynamo. The Mumbai-based streamer is famous for his entertaining and quality gameplay, primarily on an emulator. His channel has grown significantly, reaching over 1.04 million subscribers.

Gareebooo (Kunal Saraf)

Kunal Saraf, aka Gareebooo, is known for his humorous streaming style and quirky voice, thanks to a voice changer application. Initially a popular roaster, he transitioned to gaming and became a favorite emulator player with a unique in-game persona. Gareebooo has over 1.05 million subscribers.

Gtx Preet

Gtx Preet from Punjab is known for his entertaining gameplay and impressive singing skills, which he showcases during his streams. His channel has around 1.12 million subscribers, making him a popular emulator player.

The RawKnee Games (Ronodeep Dasgupta)


Ronodeep Dasgupta, aka RawKnee, is a popular caster for official tournaments and a renowned PUBG Mobile (emulator) player. His streams combine humor with quality gameplay. RawKnee's main commentary channel, The RawKnee Show, has over 1.07 million subscribers, while The RawKnee Games has over 1.36 million subscribers.

Kronten Gaming (Chetan Chandgude)

Chetan Chandgude, known as Kronten, is a Pune-based streamer and leader of the Gold clan. Initially famous for his aggressive emulator gameplay, Kronten switched to mobile gaming and now participates in competitive tournaments. His channel has over 1.66 million subscribers.

RON Gaming

One of the veteran PUBG Mobile streamers, RON is known for his engaging streams and soothing voice. As an emulator player, he has built a substantial following with over 2.4 million subscribers, making him a favorite among the streaming community.