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Top 10 Best Spin Bowlers In The World Of Cricket

The Financial Boom in Cricket: Opportunities for Players

Cricket is a globally renowned sport, beloved in many regions around the world. Besides being an exhilarating game to watch and play, it is also one of the highest-paying professions for athletes. Major cricket-playing nations such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia, England, South Africa, the West Indies, and New Zealand boast massive fan bases and talented players. Over recent years, the sport's popularity has surged, providing players with opportunities to expand their ventures and increase their income.

The Growth of Cricket Leagues and Player Earnings

The rising popularity of cricket has given birth to new formats and leagues, such as the Indian Premier League (IPL), which extends the sport beyond traditional international matches. These additional playing opportunities allow cricketers to earn more. Besides match fees, players benefit from brand endorsements, collaborations, business ventures, and other investments, significantly boosting their net worth. This article explores some of the richest cricketers in the world as of 2022.

Top Spin Bowlers of All Time

1. Shane Warne

Shane Warne, the legendary Australian cricketer, is often regarded as the best spin bowler of all time. Debuting in 1992, Warne quickly became a pivotal player for Australia, taking 708 wickets in 145 Test matches and 293 wickets in 194 ODIs. His iconic delivery against Mike Gatting in 1993 is a highlight of cricket history. Warne’s best Test bowling figures are 12/128, and his best ODI figures are 5/33, earning him the title of the greatest spin bowler ever.

2. Muttiah Muralitharan

Sri Lankan legend Muttiah Muralitharan is another iconic spin bowler, known for his right-arm off-break style. Making his Test debut in 1992 and ODI debut in 1993, Muralitharan amassed 800 wickets in 133 Tests and 534 wickets in 350 ODIs, holding the record for the most wickets in Test cricket. His remarkable achievements make him one of the greatest spin bowlers of all time.

3. Anil Kumble

Indian cricket legend Anil Kumble is renowned as one of the greatest match-winners for India. Known for his right-arm leg-break bowling, Kumble's career spanned nearly two decades. His notable achievements include taking 619 wickets in 132 Tests and 337 wickets in 271 ODIs. His 10-wicket haul against Pakistan in 1999 is a testament to his skill, securing his place as one of the greatest spin bowlers ever.

4. Daniel Vettori

New Zealand’s Daniel Vettori is one of the finest spin bowlers in cricket history. His slow left-arm orthodox style earned him 362 wickets in 133 Tests and 305 wickets in 295 ODIs. Vettori also captained his team from 2007 to 2011, becoming one of the few players to achieve 300 wickets and score 3,000 runs in Test cricket.

5. Saqlain Mushtaq

Pakistani bowler Saqlain Mushtaq, known for inventing the "doosra," ranks fifth among the top spin bowlers. With 208 wickets in 49 Tests and 288 wickets in 168 ODIs, Saqlain was the fastest to reach 100 wickets in ODI history. His best bowling figures are 8/164 in Tests and 5/20 in ODIs.

6. Harbhajan Singh

Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh, known for his right-arm off-break bowling, retired in 2021, marking the end of an era. His achievements include 417 wickets in 103 Tests and 269 wickets in 236 ODIs. Harbhajan's notable feats, such as a Test hat-trick and winning the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup, make him one of India's greatest spinners.

7. Abdul Qadir

Former Pakistani cricketer Abdul Qadir, a master of leg-spin variations, is considered one of the most versatile bowlers. With 236 wickets in 67 Tests and 132 wickets in 104 ODIs, Qadir's legacy includes being highly praised by cricket legends like Graham Gooch.

8. Lance Gibbs

West Indian cricketer Lance Gibbs, known for his right-arm off-break bowling, played from 1958 to 1976. He took 309 wickets in 79 Tests, with best figures of 8/38. Gibbs' economical bowling and impressive career make him one of the greatest spin bowlers.

9. Ravichandran Ashwin

Indian bowler Ravichandran Ashwin, known for his right-arm off-break style, is the only active player on this list. As of 2022, he has taken 442 wickets in 86 Tests, 151 wickets in 113 ODIs, and 61 wickets in 51 T20Is. Ashwin is considered one of the top spinners in recent years.

10. Rangana Herath


Sri Lankan cricketer Rangana Herath, a left-arm orthodox bowler, is renowned for his consistency. With 433 wickets in 93 Tests and 74 wickets in 71 ODIs, Herath's contributions and leadership have earned him recognition as one of the best spin bowlers in cricket history.