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Top 10 Biscuit Brands In India In 2023

Top 10 Biscuit Brands In India In 2023

1/10 Britannia:

It opened its doors in 1892. It is a major food-related brand in India and produces some excellent biscuits.
Britannia biscuits are the century's best-selling biscuit brands, accounting for almost 90% of the group's sales.
Some of their top-selling biscuits are- Marie Gold, Jim Jam, Bourbon, Nice Time, Little Hearts, Pure Magic, Milk Bikis, Nutri Choice, Good Day, Crackers, and more options are available for selection.
A variety of Britannia biscuits is a must-have for any store or supermarket. The business provides both standard and customised event wrapping.
Additionally, the biscuits start at a very reasonable price of 5 INR.

2/10 Parle:

The business was founded in 1929 & has continued to uphold its high standards for quality ever since. Every Parle biscuit has milk and wheat deliciousness within, which is essential for developing kids. Some of the examples of their biscuits are Parle-G, Monaco, Krack Jack, Nutri Crunch, Hide & Seek, and others.
It has been around for decades in Indian marketplaces and is regarded as the Indian equivalent of the phrase "biscuit." Parle-G has to be included whenever someone discusses the greatest biscuits in India. Furthermore, the biscuits are priced at a relatively affordable 5 INR.

3/10 Sunfeast:

With the launch of the Sunfeast line in 2003, the well-known ITC joined the biscuit market. The most widely used biscuits of Sunfeast are- Marie, Glucose, and Crème. The company's inventive taste and combinations of substances never cease to wow.
In India, Sunfeast Biscuits is ranked among the top three biscuit brands. A Bollywood celebrity Alia Bhatt represents the company for their line of Dark Fantasy chocolate cookies.
The firm provides a selection of healthy biscuits and high-quality goods. They provide single packs and several packs for you to select from. All reputable grocery stores, stores, and other retail establishments have a particular spot for Sunfeast biscuits.

4/10 Oreo:

Sandwich biscuits with chocolaty cookie crust and a creamy sweet inside can be identified as Oreo biscuits. Because of its great quality and flavour, Cadbury Oreo biscuits are popular among adults as well as children.
The firm sells several varieties of Oreo cookies in India, including sandwiches, lunchboxes, and lemon varieties. It is made by the reputable Cadbury brand, which is known for its delicious and high-quality sweets. 
Oreo biscuits are easily available at every store around the country.
Cadbury Oreo cookies' costs start at INR 10.

Top 10 Biscuit Brands In India In 2023

5/10 Priya:

A product of the 1992-founded Surya Food Agro. It provides a variety of biscuits, including Marie lite, club crème, digestive, butter delite, cheese crackers, and Snakker chocolate sandwiches.
Priya Gold cookies are renowned for their reliable flavour and performance, and they are sold in over 20 countries worldwide. The firm sells classic biscuits in a lot of varieties.
Priya Gold cookies have Kiara Advani, one of Bollywood's biggest stars, as its brand spokesperson.

6/10 Unibic:

In 2004, Unibic was introduced. This quality biscuit range ruler comes in all of your favourite flavours, including milk, butter, savoury, and health.
Due to its superior flavour content compared to other biscuit producers, Unibic cookies are known for their exceptional texture and flavour. There is 21% chocolate in their choco-chip line and over 9.4% milk in their milk biscuit range which is outstanding.
These biscuits are easily available at shops and supermarkets.
Unibic Cookies costs start at INR 15/-.

7/10  McVitie’s:

Wholesome fibre gives these cookies their easy-to-digest texture and nutritional value. The firm sells a variety of biscuit varieties in different pack formats.
Since its 2010 launch into the Indian market, McVitie's biscuits have grown to become one of the country's most well-known brands. Since its creation in 1892, the well-known McVitie biscuit has been enjoyed on every continent. They are available for purchase at any nearby shop or supermarket.
They have a starting price of around INR 15.

8/10 Patanjali:

The line of goods owned by Swami Ramdev, Patanjali Ayurved, includes biscuits. The firm began to compete with the top producers of biscuits by offering biscuits that were made entirely of wheat.
Their biscuits include butter cookies, Doodh biscuits, chocolate biscuits, orange biscuits etc are all available for selection.
Every Patanjali Ayurvedic product is strongly linked to the concept of physical wellness. Because of their excellent quality, simple digestion, and lack of trans fats, Indians have faith in them. 

9/10 Nature Valley:

The year 1973 marked the establishment of Nature Valley. Their biscuits are available in several flavours and are packed with nutrients. Good and healthful components are used to make them. All of Nature Valley's patrons will receive the ideal balance of flavour and vigour.
To maintain the quality of their biscuits, the business doesn't add any extra flavourings or preservatives. Furthermore, Nature Valley Biscuits pledges to have packaging that is entirely recyclable by 2025.
Indians have a deep affinity for natural flavours, such as those found in honey, cocoa, and pumpkin seeds. In addition, the firm provides financial assistance to farmers that actively promote regenerative agricultural methods.
Nature Valley Biscuits are priced starting at INR 200.

Top 10 Biscuit Brands In India In 2023

10/10 Cremica:

In 1978, Cremica Food Industries Private Limited was established, and its brand of biscuits is known as Cremica. Some of their well-known biscuits are oatmeal cookies, digestive biscuits, digestive cornflakes biscuits and Marie classic.
The firm makes its biscuits in cutting-edge facilities located all throughout India using high-quality components. 
The firm produces a variety of additional goods in addition to nutritious biscuits, such as ketchup, and mayo.