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Top 10 Chewing Gum Brands In India In 2023

Chewing gum

Here’s the top 10 chewing gum brands in India in 2023.

  1. Boomer Chewing Gum: An undoubted leader, Boomer Chewing Gum by Wrigley's holds a special place in the hearts of Indians. Its natural flavors and colors have made it a cherished memory from childhood. As part of the Wrigley's legacy, Boomer continues to captivate consumers with its authenticity and taste.
  2. Big Babool Gum: Introduced in 1994 by Perfetti Van Melle, Big Babool Gum has remained a hallmark of quality and flavor. With a variety of enjoyable flavors, it has secured a loyal customer base, earning its spot as a top contender in the Indian chewing gum market.
  3. Center Fresh: Center Fresh           Perfetti Van Melle's Center Fresh made a groundbreaking entry in 1994, bringing the concept of liquid-filled chewing gum to India. Its quirky advertisements and the tagline "Zuban pe lagaam lagaye" have etched it into popular culture. The innovation and trust it offers make it a beloved choice.
  4. Happydent: Known for its humorous advertising campaigns, Happydent, another creation from Perfetti Van Melle, stands out with its refreshing minty flavor and affordability. The sugar-free coating and liquid-filled bubble gum add to its unique appeal.
  5. Wrigley's Double Mint: An age-old player, Wrigley's Double Mint, distributed across 140 countries, offers a robust mint flavor that combats bad breath effectively. Its user-friendly packaging ensures that you can carry freshness wherever you go.
  6. Centre Fruit: Launched in 2005, Centre Fruit has quickly become a crowd favorite with its fruity flavors and the catchy tagline "Kaisi jeebh laplapayi." Its youthful and playful appeal resonates with a wide audience.
  7. Trident Cinnamon Sugar-Free Gum: With a history dating back to 1987, Trident Cinnamon Sugar-Free Gum has withstood the test of time. Its enduring cinnamon flavor, coupled with the sugar-free aspect, caters to health-conscious consumers.
  8. Orbit Chewing Gum India: Orbit Chewing Gum not only serves as a solution for bad breath but also entices consumers with its sugar-free formulation.
  9. Happydent: The presence of Happydent on this list is no surprise, given its dual offering of a sugar-free coating and liquid-filled bubble gum. The refreshing minty flavor, coupled with its affordability, appeals to a diverse range of consumers.
  10. Trident Gum India: With a spearmint flavor and a sugar-free profile, Trident Gum caters to vegetarians and health-conscious individuals alike. Its convenient packaging and reasonable price point add to its allure.