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Top 10 Cricket Umpire Salary

Top 10 Cricket Umpire Salaries: The Guardians of Fair Play and Their Rewards
Top 10 Cricket Umpire Salary

Cricket umpires are integral to the game, ensuring fair play and adherence to rules. Their responsibilities and expertise command significant remuneration, particularly at the elite level. Here, we explore the top 10 highest-paid cricket umpires and what contributes to their lucrative earnings.

Richard Illingworth, Michael Gough to Officiate in WTC Final 2021 Between  India vs New Zealand; Chris Broad Named Match Referee | Indiacom cricket

1. Richard Illingworth

Richard Illingworth, a former English cricketer, transitioned into umpiring with remarkable success. As a member of the ICC Elite Panel, Illingworth earns approximately $100,000 annually. His extensive experience and consistent performance in international matches justify his position and pay scale.

2. Kumar Dharmasena

Kumar Dharmasena, hailing from Sri Lanka, is another highly respected umpire in the ICC Elite Panel. Dharmasena's salary is estimated to be around $95,000 per year. His career as an umpire has been marked by numerous accolades, including the ICC Umpire of the Year award in 2012.

3. Marais Erasmus

South African umpire Marais Erasmus has a substantial yearly income of approximately $90,000. His authoritative decision-making and calm demeanor on the field have earned him respect and a prominent place among the top umpires globally.

4. Rod Tucker

Australian umpire Rod Tucker is known for his keen eye and sharp judgment. As a member of the ICC Elite Panel, he earns around $85,000 annually. Tucker's career in umpiring has been distinguished by his consistent and fair officiating in high-stakes matches.

5. Aleem Dar

Aleem Dar from Pakistan is one of the most seasoned umpires in cricket today. His annual salary is about $80,000. Dar's illustrious career includes multiple ICC Umpire of the Year awards, highlighting his expertise and dedication to the sport.

6. Nigel Llong

Nigel Llong, an English umpire, commands an annual salary of approximately $75,000. Llong's umpiring career has spanned numerous significant international fixtures, showcasing his reliability and deep understanding of the game.

7. Chris Gaffaney

New Zealand’s Chris Gaffaney earns around $70,000 per year as a cricket umpire. Gaffaney’s journey from a player to an umpire has been marked by his clarity in decision-making and composure under pressure.

8. Bruce Oxenford

Australian umpire Bruce Oxenford, with an annual salary of $65,000, is known for his innovative use of protective gear and his steady performance in international matches. His career reflects his adaptability and thorough grasp of cricket laws.

9. Paul Reiffel

Paul Reiffel, another Australian, earns about $60,000 annually. Reiffel’s dual career as a former cricketer and a current umpire provides him with a unique perspective, enriching his officiating skills.

10. Michael Gough

English umpire Michael Gough rounds out the top ten with an annual salary of approximately $55,000. Gough’s rapid rise in the umpiring ranks is a testament to his exceptional judgement and passion for the game.

Factors Influencing Umpire Salaries

  1. Experience and Reputation: Experience plays a significant role in determining an umpire's salary. Those with extensive experience in high-profile matches often command higher pay.

  2. Panel Membership: Umpires in the ICC Elite Panel generally earn more than those in lower panels due to the caliber of matches they officiate.

  3. Performance: Consistent and accurate decision-making enhances an umpire’s reputation, leading to potential salary increases and bonuses.

  4. Awards and Recognitions: Awards such as the ICC Umpire of the Year can significantly boost an umpire's market value and salary prospects.


Cricket umpires are vital to the sport, ensuring that matches are played fairly and within the rules. The top umpires in the world are compensated well for their critical role, with salaries reflecting their expertise, experience, and performance. As cricket continues to evolve, the demand for skilled umpires remains high, ensuring that these professionals are rewarded for their invaluable contributions to the game.