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Top 10 Famous Basketball Players In India


India, which has a population of over 1.2 billion, most of whom are young, has a great potential to become the global leader in sports. It holds in basketball as well. Basketball is still underappreciated in India, despite significant advancements in other sports. Even with limited resources, jewels have been found in the last ten years. The top ten male and female basketball players in India over the years are listed here. Learn about the top basketball players in India.

Top 10 Basketball Players In India

1. Sat Prakash Yadav

Among the more well-known Indian basketball players is Sat Prakash Yadav. He was a guard for the Indian basketball team in the past and served as its captain. From 2015 to 2017, he also served as the Indian basketball team's head coach. After 27 years of coaching, the team qualified for and finished in 7th place at the Men's FIBA Asia Challenge Cup 2016.

2. Akilan Pari

One of the few exceptionally gifted basketball players from India, Akilan Pari has demonstrated that a player's heart is greater than their skill level. While playing point guard in 2018, Akilan led the Indian basketball team as captain. Additionally, he has captained the official lineups for Tamil Nadu State at the U-13, U-16, U-18, and senior levels. When Pari was chosen for the NBA All-Star Weekend's Sprite Uncontainable Game in 2013, it was his fanboy dream come true.

3. Vishesh Bhriguvanshi 

One of India's most gifted basketball players is Vishesh Bhriguvanshi. Bhriguvanshi averaged 30.8 points, 9.5 rebounds, and 8.2 assists per game while participating in 11 games for the Bengaluru Beast in the UBA. In one of the games, he actually scored 57 points and disheveled 11 assists against rival Hyderabad. He leads the Indian basketball team as captain.

4. Prashanti Singh 

One of the most well-known figures in Indian women's basketball is Prashanti Singh. 2019 saw the 35-year-old Varanasi-born shooting guard make history. She was the first basketball player in India to receive the civilian Padma Shree award from Honorable President Ram Nath Kovind.

5. Geethu Anna Josh

The Indian women's basketball team's former captain is Geethu Anna Jose. Prior to joining the Southern Railway Basketball Team, she was a member of the Kerala Junior Volleyball Team. From 2006 until 2008, she was the first Indian women professional basketball player to play for the Ringwood Hawks, an Australian team.

6. Anitha Pauldurai

The most reliable Indian basketball player is Anitha Pauldurai. In 2018, she announced her retirement. Anitha is a unique Indian female athlete who has participated in eight Asian Basketball Confederation (ABC) championships in a row. She finished the 2013 FIBA Asian Women's Championship among the top 10 players. She took home the Gold Medal in the first 3 on 3 FIBA Asian Basketball Championship Doha in May of 2013.

7. Ajmer Singh

Ajmer Singh had a great performance in the Moscow Olympic Games of 1980. He received the 1982 Arjuna Award. Among the top 10 shooters at the 1980 Moscow Olympics, he is the only Indian. Ajmer's performance is among the most exceptional Indian accomplishments in the history of the Olympics, despite the fact that India placed 12th (out of 12 countries) in the competition.

8. Amritpal Singh

The first-ever male Indian basketball player to compete in the National Basketball League (NBL) of Australia is Amritpal Singh. After making an impression during workouts, training camps, and the preseason tour, he signed with the Sydney Kings and is a reliable backup center for the squad in the NBL.

9. Amjyot Singh

Amjyot is the second Indian player to play for the Oklahoma City Blue in the NBA's G-League. The 6-foot-11 forward is a constant performer in the league, working hard to fulfill his dream of playing in the NBA someday. During the FIBA Asia Cup, he led the Indian basketball team as captain.

10. Satnam Singh

In India, Satnam Singh is without a doubt the most well-known basketball player. Satnam was the first player to be drafted into the NBA (American Basketball League) who was born in India in 2015. The Mavericks selected him with the 52nd overall choice in the second round, however, he was eventually waived. Then he spent a few years playing in the G-league. He was a player for the Canadian NBL's St. John's Edge.