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Top 10 Fashion Photographers In India

The Art of Lighting in Fashion Photography


Fashion photography is a widely admired form of fine art dedicated to showcasing stylish clothing and accessories. Typically found in fashion magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, or Glamour, its primary goal is to captivate viewers and provide insight into current fashion trends. With the ongoing economic downturn, more people are becoming interested in fashion photography.

A fashion photographer must be proficient in various lighting conditions, including studio, outdoor, low light, and twilight settings. They utilize different lighting setups such as long-range shooting, telephoto lenses, shallow depth of field, and fast continuous focus. Mastery of lighting effects such as graduated toning and shadows is essential. Many magazines require models to undergo fashion photography courses before participating in shoots.

Becoming a professional photographer requires experience, talent, creativity, and determination. These qualities are often honed through formal training and classroom instruction. Higher quality photographs open doors to opportunities in prestigious fashion magazines. To achieve this, one must have a keen eye for colors, lighting, and the ability to isolate subjects.

Understanding various types of fashion photography, such as portraits, celebrity glamour, and product photography, is crucial for a successful career. These genres have numerous subcategories, providing diverse avenues for expression and specialization.

Renowned fashion photographers in India serve as inspiring examples:

  1. A.Rrajani: A prominent fashion photographer with over 21 years of experience, known for his work with celebrities and brands.

  2. Suresh Natarajan: Renowned for his versatility and expertise in various conditions, he has made significant contributions to the fashion industry.

  3. Jatin Kampani: A leading fashion photographer recognized for his rich-quality images featured in global fashion magazines.

  4. Atul Kasbekar: Notable for his Kingfisher Calendar shoots and celebrity management company, he is a well-known figure in the industry.

  5. Tarun Khiwal: Awarded the Hasselblad Masters Award, his creative shoots are featured in several magazine spreads.

  6. Rohan Shrestha: Son of a pioneer photographer, his work has graced prominent magazine covers and includes collaborations with Bollywood celebrities.

  7. R Burman: A respected fashion photographer who started his career in the USA and now works with top fashion magazines in India.

  8. Subi Samuel: Known for glamorizing covers of popular fashion magazines and working with renowned brands.

  9. Avinash Gowariker: Backed by celebrities like Aamir Khan and Salman Khan, he has made a mark in fashion photography.

  10. Daboo Ratnani: Famous for his annual calendar featuring Bollywood celebrities, he is a prominent figure in Indian fashion photography.


In conclusion, the fashion industry offers endless opportunities for aspiring artists. Fashion photography can be a rewarding career, and these professionals serve as inspiration for those looking to pursue it.