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Top 10 Fastest Stumping In Cricket History

Top 10 Fastest Stumping In Cricket History

In the shorter formats of cricket, such as ODIs and T20s, stumping is a crucial type of dismissal. To dislodge the bails in an instant, a wicketkeeper requires exceptional agility and concentration. Throughout history, numerous wicketkeepers have mastered this essential skill. Notable names like Adam Gilchrist, Kumar Sangakkara, Brendon McCullum, and MS Dhoni have showcased their natural aptitude for stumping. Dhoni, the former Indian captain, is particularly renowned for revolutionizing modern wicket-keeping.

Dhoni is famous for his sharp reflexes and spontaneous actions behind the stumps. He holds the world record for both the fastest stumping and the most stumpings in ODI cricket. Beyond these achievements, Dhoni's illustrious 15-year cricket career includes many other remarkable milestones. This article highlights the top fastest stumpings in cricket history.

Here is a list of Top Fastest Stumpings in Cricket History:

 1. MS Dhoni against Keemo Paul

MS Dhoni against Keemo Paul
Despite being 37 years old at the time, MS Dhoni demonstrated his unparalleled wicket-keeping skills during the fourth ODI against the Windies in Mumbai in 2018. He stumped Keemo Paul of the West Indies in just 0.08 seconds, setting the record for the fastest stumping in the world. Dhoni’s dismissal-per-innings rate of 1.286 in ODI cricket is also extraordinary.

2. Ben Cox against Callum MacLeod

Ben Cox's accidental stumping of Callum MacLeod ranks among the top fastest stumpings. During a match, Ed Barnard bowled a delivery that MacLeod attempted to play to the third man. The ball hit Cox's pad and rebounded onto the stumps, catching MacLeod slightly out of his crease and making it one of the quickest stumpings in cricket history.

 3. MS Dhoni against Shaun Marsh

During the third ODI of India's 2012 tour of Australia in Melbourne, Dhoni executed a stumping to dismiss Shaun Marsh. After missing a catch earlier, Dhoni made amends by stumping Marsh, who missed a leg-side delivery. Dhoni’s quick retrieval of the ball and dislodging of the bails marked one of his fastest stumpings.

4. Mark Boucher against Marvan Atapattu

Mark Boucher's keen foresight led to the dismissal of Marvan Atapattu in a 2016 match against Sri Lanka. While appealing for a caught behind, Boucher noticed Atapattu out of his crease and flicked the ball onto the stumps, securing a critical wicket for South Africa.

5. Brendon McCullum against Ricky Ponting

Brendon McCullum’s stumping of Ricky Ponting came during a run chase. Tim Southee delivered a wide ball down the leg side, which Ponting failed to connect with. McCullum, positioned close to the stumps, quickly removed the bails. This quick stumping placed McCullum among the fastest wicketkeepers.

6. Kumar Sangakkara against Jimmy Maher

In a VB series match at the Gabba in 2003, Kumar Sangakkara performed an acrobatic stumping against Australian opener Jimmy Maher. After catching a spinning delivery from Muttiah Muralitharan, Sangakkara flicked the ball onto the stumps while off-balance, resulting in one of the fastest stumpings.

 7. Bradley Barnes against Saurabh Tiwary

During an U19 match between India and South Africa in 2018, Bradley Barnes executed a unique stumping. After missing a delivery, Saurabh Tiwary was out of his crease due to a runner. Barnes flicked the bails, catching Tiwary’s runner out of the crease, making it one of the quickest dismissals.

8. Kumar Sangakkara against Brian Lara

Kumar Sangakkara’s quick stumping of Brian Lara happened during a match between Sri Lanka and the West Indies in 2007. Lara lifted his foot after missing an off-drive, and Sangakkara seized the moment to stumping him instantly.

9. Dinesh Karthik against Michael Vaughan

During a match at Lord's, Dinesh Karthik executed a remarkable stumping of Michael Vaughan. Vaughan misread a delivery from Harbhajan Singh and found himself out of his crease. Karthik swiftly stumped him, securing a crucial wicket for India.

10. Adam Gilchrist against Craig McMillan

Adam Gilchrist's 2005 stumping of Craig McMillan was remarkable because he positioned himself close to the stumps while Glenn McGrath was bowling. McMillan missed the ball and stepped out of his crease, allowing Gilchrist to quickly dislodge the bails, setting a record for one of the fastest stumpings.

These wicketkeepers have demonstrated exceptional skill and quick reflexes, making their stumpings some of the fastest in cricket history.