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Top 10 Gaming YouTubers In India In 2024

Total gaming

India has experienced a remarkable surge in the popularity of gaming YouTube channels over the past few years. These channels have amassed huge followings and have become integral to the Indian online gaming community. Offering engaging content, entertaining commentary, and impressive gameplay, these channels have attracted millions of subscribers and viewers.

Covering a diverse range of gaming genres including mobile, PC, console, and game streaming, these Indian gaming YouTube channels have seen many popular YouTubers carve out successful careers within the gaming community. Alongside gameplay footage, these channels provide reviews, live streaming, tips, and tricks to their audience.

To foster a sense of community and connection among their fan base, these channels frequently interact with viewers through live chats, giveaways, and community engagements. The increasing interest in gaming among young people in India, coupled with the widespread availability of smartphones and affordable internet, has contributed to the meteoric rise in the popularity of these channels.

Top 10 Gaming YouTube Channels in India

1. CarryMinati
   - CarryMinati, also known as Ajey Nagar, is renowned for his comedic and satirical content, initially focusing on roasting and reacting to internet trends and videos.


2. Total Gaming
   - Run by Ajjubhai, Total Gaming focuses primarily on mobile gaming, particularly Garena Free Fire, showcasing energetic gameplay and humorous commentary.

3. Techno Gamerz
   - Started by Ujjawal Chaurasia, Techno Gamerz offers a wide range of gaming-related videos including gameplay walkthroughs, live streams, and tutorials across popular titles like GTA V and Minecraft.

4. Gyan Gaming
   - Founded by Sujan Mistri, Gyan Gaming features gameplay videos, live streams, and tips and tricks, with Sujan's humorous remarks and entertaining commentary.

5. Desi Gamers – Amit Sharma
   - Amit Sharma's Desi Gamers channel, established in 2015, presents diverse gaming content with energetic commentary and engaging interactions with the audience.

6. Mythpat (Mithilesh Patankar)
   - Mithilesh Patankar's Mythpat channel offers comedic and entertaining content including gaming videos, reactions, and creative narratives.

7. Dynamo Gaming
   - Started by Aditya Sawant, Dynamo Gaming gained popularity for engaging content and live streams primarily focused on mobile gaming, particularly PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile.

8. MortaL
   - Founded by Naman Mathur, MortaL's channel features gameplay videos, live streams, and vlogs, contributing to his success in esports tournaments.

9. BeastBoyShub
   - Shubham Saini's BeastBoyShub channel offers a variety of gaming content with a focus on popular titles like GTA V and Minecraft, incorporating humor and storytelling.

10. Kronten Gaming
    - Established by Chetan Chandgude, Kronten Gaming provides gameplay highlights, live streams, challenges, and tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile, attracting a dedicated following.


In conclusion, the Indian gaming YouTube scene boasts a plethora of skilled content creators who have built significant fan bases and made a substantial impact on the gaming industry. While this list showcases the top 10 gaming YouTube channels in India based on popularity and influence, the landscape continues to evolve with new creators emerging regularly.