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Top 10 Gentlemen Of Cricket

A Glimpse into the World of Cricket's Finest Sportsmen

Cricket is often called the gentleman’s game, but not every player lives up to this reputation. While some cricketers are known for their aggressive behavior or involvement in controversial activities like sledging and ball-tampering, others stand out for their exemplary conduct and sportsmanship.

Today, we highlight some of the most esteemed gentlemen of cricket. This list features international players celebrated for their manners and politeness both on and off the field. Let's dive into the profiles of the top 10 gentlemen of cricket.

10 Gentlemen of Cricket

1. Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid epitomizes what a perfect cricketer should be. Known for his calm demeanor and impeccable manners, Dravid rarely showed anger or frustration, whether on or off the field. He scored over 10,000 runs in both ODIs and Tests, earning the nickname "The Wall of Cricket" for his solid defensive batting style. Newer generations of players can learn much from this cricketing legend.

2. Kumar Sangakkara

Kumar Sangakkara, a left-handed batsman, is universally admired and has virtually no detractors. With over 10,000 runs in both Test and ODI formats, Sangakkara also excelled as the captain and wicket-keeper of the Sri Lankan team. Unlike many wicket-keepers who engage in constant chatter to distract batsmen, Sangakkara maintained a respectful demeanor. His sportsmanship, even in defeat, as seen during the 2011 World Cup final, makes him a true gentleman of cricket.

3. Stephen Fleming

New Zealand cricketers are renowned for their professionalism, and Stephen Fleming is a prime example. A stylish left-handed batsman, he scored over 7,000 runs in Tests and more than 8,000 in ODIs. As a calm and tactical captain, and now as the head coach of Chennai Super Kings in the IPL, Fleming is remembered for his gentle manners and professional conduct.

4. Kane Williamson

Current New Zealand captain Kane Williamson is known for his pleasant and calm personality. An asset with the bat, Williamson has already amassed over 7,000 Test runs and more than 6,000 ODI runs. His gentlemanly ways and bright future promise even more records and accolades.

5. Anil Kumble

One of the greatest spin bowlers, Anil Kumble, is remembered for his remarkable achievements, including a ten-wicket haul against Pakistan in 1999. Though passionate about the game, Kumble rarely showed emotions or engaged in sledging. His polite manners and rooted personality made him a respected figure in cricket.

6. Sachin Tendulkar

Widely regarded as the best batsman in cricket history, Sachin Tendulkar inspired millions worldwide. Known as the "Master Blaster" and the "God of Cricket," Tendulkar's record-breaking runs and humble demeanor, both on and off the field, earned him admiration from fans and fellow players alike. His innocent smile and warm gestures make him a quintessential gentleman of cricket.

7. AB De Villiers

AB De Villiers, a beloved cricketer, is a batting legend and a leading run-scorer for South Africa. Known for his contributions to Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL, ABD is also a great fielder who maintains composure both on and off the field. His impressive stats across all formats and respectful conduct have earned him a place among cricket’s true gentlemen.

8. Michael Hussey

Known for his calm demeanor, Michael Hussey stands out among Australian cricketers, who are often noted for their aggressive style. Hussey’s impressive batting records, with over 5,400 ODI runs and 6,235 Test runs, combined with his restrained expressions of joy or anger, mark him as a true gentleman of cricket.

9. Hashim Amla

Hashim Amla, though perhaps less celebrated than others on this list, has always let his records speak. With an average close to 50.0 in both Tests and ODIs and significant T20 contributions, Amla’s calm demeanor and avoidance of heated exchanges highlight his gentlemanly nature.

10. Daniel Vettori


Former New Zealand captain Daniel Vettori was known for his composed behavior and calm personality. Initially recognized as a bowler, Vettori also contributed significantly with the bat. His charming personality and impressive stats, including 308 ODI wickets and 362 Test wickets, make him a torchbearer for the spirit of cricket.

These players not only excelled in their cricketing careers but also set standards for conduct and sportsmanship, truly embodying the essence of the gentleman's game.