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Top 10 Handbag Brands In India In 2023

Choose the best handbag from top brands. 
Top 10 Handbag Brands In India In 2023

Every season new handbag trends enter the street style world and we eagerly seek them out. Right now, tiny handbags that seem too small to even fit in a lipstick tube and super unusual styles that instantly liven up your look reign supreme. Handbags are now more than necessary in the fashion world. While every woman has their favorite handbag brand that they are loyal to, we think you can never have too many handbag girls! We have listed the top 10 handbag brands in India that will never feel like a bad investment. We've also included a bonus handbag buying guide to help you choose the one that's right for you.


1. Lavie:


Founded in 2010, Lavie is a lifestyle brand that caters to every woman and her needs in handbags and shoes. Their premium handbags come in a variety of styles including belts, clutches, satchels, hobos, baguettes and more. 

 Combine your summer outfit with a gorgeous and colorful luxury bag and redefine your style with Lavie bags. Bring colorful Lavie luxury handbags to the party and show off your fashion. Step out in style every time with Lavie's premium handbags. 


  2. Caprese:


Accessorize your favorite outfits with stylish Caprese luxury handbags. Keep your cards and money organized with brightly colored Caprese or hobby bags. It comes in striking colors like olive green, burgundy, gold and more to suit different moods and occasions. Accessorize your chic look with Caprese's range of luxury handbags with a striking modern and elegant style. Whether you're going to a professional event or a casual lunch with your girlfriend, you'll find a Caprese bag to match your look. Caprese offers stylish wallets for every occasion! 


 3. Baggit:


Baggit is one of the most popular handbag brands in India. Founded in 1990 by Nina Lekh, it is known as a luxury handbag industry that produces quality handbags at reasonable costs. Faux leather, fabric and other materials are available to add style to your otherwise boring handbags. 
  Baggit luxury handbags are a touch of brilliant shades, sophistication and style that are perfect for you. Their elegant style, various sizes, abstract designs and affordable costs make luxury handbags the most popular in India. Baggit is a one stop shop for quality handbags suitable for various occasions. 


 4. Mango:


Mango is a Spanish fashion brand that entered the Indian market and created a niche for itself. In addition to great clothes, the company is also known for a beautiful line of bags. Once you start using Mango bags, there is no turning back. It will definitely become your favorite brand. Currently, the company has more than 2,000 representative offices in more than 100 countries. 


 5. Hidesign:
Dilip Kapur founded the acclaimed global fashion company Hidesign in 1978. It is one of the largest handbag brands that offers high quality and fashionable leather luxury handbags. The creative designs of these bags,are perfect for fashionable people who want genuine leather. 
 Hidesign luxury handbags have features like durability, longevity, strong and trendy. You can buy from this branded messenger bag, clutch, sling, and other beautiful colors.


6. Esbeda:


Esbeda is one of leading women's handbag brand that entered the market in 2006 with a retail presence in Mumbai. The brand has a wide selection of handbags for various occasions. From wedding to party, this company has a purse for every occasion. Checked, solid and patterned handbags are available in all sizes (small, medium, large). Esbeda handbags in bright colors allow you to make a bright look every time you went out. 
 7. Allen Solly:
One of the oldest fashion brands, Allen Solly has some of the most popular products in the world. Whether it is party wear, party, shoes or accessories. Aditya Birla Group acquired it in 2001 and further expanded its presence in India. The brand's selection of handbags is both attractive and affordable.  


 8. The House of Tara:
Founded in Delhi in 2012, House of Tara has evolved into one of India's leading handbag manufacturers thanks to its innovative approach to breaking the clichés of traditional handbag design and creating trendy casual purses. 
  House of Tara has become a well-known brand among students and teenagers looking for unique and innovative handbags at affordable prices. The brand and handbags are marketed as a great gift choice.


 9. Da Milano:
Da Milano has been creating leather goods for nearly six decades. The handbags of this brand are strong and technologically designed to provide comfort and style, making it one of the best women's and #039; wallet brands in the world. With our expanding global reach, new collections of luxury handbags are available, adapted to the market and the latest styles, trends and needs.  
 Da Milano offers colorful colors and patterns to suit your individuality. The company offers a variety of premium handbags, including baguettes, satchels and bucket bags. 


  10. Peperone:
Founded in 2010, Peperone has been a huge success in the fashion accessories market. It manufactures and designs canvas bags, men's and women's wallets, women's wallets and other items. This brand and premium handbags offer exceptional comfort, sophisticated design and incredible color options. It is an affordable brand that creates elegant and luxurious handbags for everyday use. It is popular among students who want to look stylish yet fashionable. Buy a medium, large or small bag to complete your look.