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Top 10 Largest Insects In The World

Top 10 Largest Insects In The World

Talking about thelargest insects reminds me of Griffinflies which lived around 250 million years ago. They used to look like dragonflies and where also known as Meganisoptera. They were formidable predators with a wingspan of around 28 inches. Interesting right? No other insect had beat the size of this one but let us today list a few large insects. 

1. Titan Beeltles 

These beeltles can grow upto 6.6 inches. Scientists have not found any larvae of these specis but it is believed that the bareholes in the dead trees have been by these beeltles. They have mandibles which can easily snap a pencil into half and can even rip off human flesh. They are found in the rain forests of Bolivia, north-central Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, the Guianas, and Peru.

2. Stick Insect

They belong to the Phasmatodea order and are commonly known as stick insects. They have evolved to a bizarre shape to protect themselves from predators within branches, twigs, and foliage. They can many on the soze depending on the species but most of them measure upto 1 foot. The longest stick insect also called the walking sticks falls under the genus Phobaeticus, including the species Phobaeticus serratipes and Phobaeticus chani, both of which can reach lengths of around 22 inches.

3. Giant Wetas 

a brown giant wētā resting in a person's palm

They are found in the islands of New Zealand and are closely related to crickets. They grow upto 4 inches and weigh that of a sparrow. They are one of the heaviest insects on the planet. A female wetas was found in an island with a weight of 2.5 ounces. 

4. Goliath Beetles 

They make to the list of the largest insects from Africa. They grow upto 4 inches and weight around 2 ounces. They are massive in their larval stage where they weight around 3.5 ounces. They also get to the list of heavy insects. 

5. Atlas Moths

They are found across the Malay archipelago and are about a bird's size. They are the world's largest moth. Their coccons are used as purses for pocket change in Asia. Unbelievable right? They measure to 10-11 inches which total coverage of 25 square inches. 

6. Tarantula Hawks

They are the largest wasps of the world and measure upto 2 inches. They have the ability to hunt tarantulas and they use as a food source for their massive larvae.

7. Mydas Flies

They have different range of sizes, the largest of them have reached 2.4 inches. They are a common housefly. 

8. Hercules Beetles 

They are the longest beetle species on the planet. They are popular for their long horns which makes half of their length taking them upto 7 inches. 

9. Gaint Water Bugs 

Thye are also known as toe-biters and alligator ticks, can grow to be as long as 4.7 inches. They are found in streams and ponds and can give a painful bite with their  giant pincers and inject venomous saliva into their prey. 

10. Queen Alexandra's Birdwings

It is the world's largest butterfly. They were discovered in 1906 and can be found in Papua New Guinea. The females of this species are larger than the males.