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Top 10 Most Popular Cricketers In The World In 2023

Top 10 Most Popular Cricketers In The World In 2023

In the realm of cricket, numerous exceptional players have left an indelible mark over the years. Their unique playing styles, remarkable batting skills, and bowling prowess have become unforgettable moments etched in our memories. These cricketing legends have collectively contributed to shaping the game into what it is today.

Cricket, although not the world's top sport, has garnered a massive following across the globe. The exposure provided by county and domestic T20 leagues has made cricketers renowned worldwide.

Presented here is a list of the ten most celebrated cricketers globally, along with a glimpse into their extraordinary careers.

1. Sachin Tendulkar:

Sachin Tendulkar
Regarded as one of the greatest batsmen, Tendulkar holds records for the most runs scored in ODIs and Tests. His swashbuckling style earned him the nickname "Master Blaster." Tendulkar's achievements include being the first to score 200 runs in an ODI inning, a feat he accomplished against South Africa in 2010. He received the ICC Cricketer of the Year award in 2010 and was honored with the Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian award.

2. Chris Gayle:

Known for his explosive batting, Gayle holds multiple records, including the most talked-about T20 inning of 175 runs off 66 balls. He has won two T20I World Cups with the West Indies.

3. MS Dhoni:

Dhoni's captaincy led India to victory in the T20 World Cup 2007, ICC World Cup 2011, and ICC Champions Trophy 2013. His composed demeanor on the field earned him respect worldwide.

4. Virat Kohli:

Kohli is renowned for his chasing prowess and has earned acclaim not only in cricket but also from various renowned personalities across different sports and entertainment fields.

5. Shahid Afridi:

Afridi, also known as Boom Boom Afridi, was widely recognized for his aggressive batting style and once held the record for the fastest century in ODIs.

6. Shoaib Akhtar:

Known as 'The Rawalpindi Express,' Shoaib Akhtar was one of the fastest bowlers in cricket history, with his delivery clocking at 161 Kmph, which remains the fastest ever recorded.

7. Brian Lara:

Lara's record-breaking 400 runs in a test inning against England solidified his status as one of the most celebrated batsmen. He is part of the ICC Hall of Fame.

8. Muttiah Muralitharan:

Muralidharan, known as Murali, holds the world record for the most wickets in both ODIs and Tests. He was instrumental in many of Sri Lanka's significant victories.

9. Lasith Malinga:

Malinga, with his unconventional bowling action, holds records for the most ODI hat-tricks and has been a crucial player in both international cricket and the IPL.

10. Brett Lee:

Nicknamed 'Binga,' Lee was known for his searing pace. He played a vital role in Australia's back-to-back ICC Cricket World Cup victories in 2003 and 2007.

These cricketers have not only excelled on the field but have also captured the hearts of cricket enthusiasts around the world, making them truly iconic figures in the realm of sports.