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Top 10 Popular Japanese Actors In 2024


The Japanese Cinema has a history of around 100 years. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Popular Japanese Actors in 2024


  1. Hiroyuki Sanada - He is a famous Japanese actor born on October 12, 1960, in Tokyo, Japan. He got a lot of games from Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai. 
  2. Ken Watanabe - This talented actor was born on 21st November 1959 in Koide, Japan. He started his career as a Stage actor and is well-known for playing Samurai roles in Japanese Films. 
  3. Kento Yamazaki - He is also a talented Japanese actor and model from Itabashi, Tokyo. He is also a recipient of Television Drama Awards and also modeled for the Pichi Lemon Magazine. 
  4. Brian Tee - He is well known - Japanese actor from Okinawa, Japan known for playing the role of Dr. Ethan Choi in a popular medical drama TV series. 
  5. Tadanobu Asano - He is a popular Japanese actor, guitarist, film director, and model. He started his career at the age of 16 and has also sung for the band Mach 1.67
  6. Masi Oka - He is a Japanese actor from Hibiya City, Tokyo, Japan, and is also the recipient of the Saturn Award for his flawless role of Hiro Nakamura. 
  7. Mamoru Miyano - He is also a versatile actor, singer, and child actor in Japan. In the Magana series of Death Note, he has fantastically played the role of Light Yagami.
  8. Takeshi Kitano - He is a popular Japanese author, actor, and comedian from Tokyo, Japan. He is also the recipient of the Golden Lion Award and has also ventured into acting and directing as well. 
  9. Daisuke Ono - He is a popular Japanese Voice actor born on 4th May 1978 in Japan. He is also the recipient of the Seiyu Award and has given outstanding performances in many popular series. 
  10. Antonio Inoki - He is a Japanese actor, Writer, Politician, and Professional Wrestler. He is also a very versatile and renowned martial artist and wrestler. 

So, this article is all about the Top 10 Popular Japanese actors in 2024.