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Top 10 Rajoshi Vidyarthi Serials, Shows

Top 10 Rajoshi Vidyarthi Serials, Shows

Prominent Indian actress Rajoshi Vidyarthi is recognized for having appeared in Hindi and Bengali cinema. She was selected as the recipient of the National Film Award for Best Actress for her exceptional role in the Bengali movie "Goo." In addition, Rajoshi has appeared on television for a variety of shows, especially "Suhani Si Ek Ladki" and "Kundanapu Bomma," where she showed her talent and adaptability in a number of roles.                

Top 10 Rajoshi Vidyarthi Serials, Shows                                                                                                           

Career Highlights:


Suhani Si Ek Ladki


"Suhani Si Ek Ladki" is a very loved Indian romantic TV series on Star Plus from June 9, 2014, to May 21, 2017. The show featured Neha Yadav, Sahil Mehta, Rajshri Rani, Ankur Verma, Srishti Jain, Rajoshi Vidyarthi, Shashi Sharma, Karan Jotwani and Gaurav Mukesh Jain. The story follows Suhani, a girl from a middle-class family in Allahabad, and her friendship with the beautiful but conceited Soumya. Yuvraj, a wealthy young man, proposes to Soumya, but she marries Krishna against her mother’s wishes, leading to conflict. Pankaj persuades Yuvraj to marry Suhani, believing he can provide her a better life, despite strong opposition from Yuvraj’s relative Chandrakala, who dislikes Suhani due to her dark complexion. The series captures the intricacies of relationships and societal expectations, making it a compelling watch for viewers.


Kundanapu Bomma


A classic drama series in Telugu has the name "Kundanapu Bomma". It is avaliable on Hotstar in addition to Maa TV. Yuvraj and Suhasini are the primary characters in the series. Suhasini suffers torture from her husband and in-laws but is steadfast in her determination to demonstrate her love. Irrespective of numerous challenges and humiliations, she retains through hard work and her determination. The series showcases the struggles and resilience of the protagonist, providing viewers a very touching and also inspiring narrative.




Rajoshi Vidyarthi has grown into a great and dynamic actor owing to her efforts to both the TV and cinema industries. Her portrayals in series like "Kundanapu Bomma" and "Suhani Si Ek Ladki" created an impression on spectators, demonstrating her knack to give her characters depth. Her captivating portrayal in "Goo" displays her commitment to her career and promotes her as a prominent figure in India's entertainment scene.