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Top 10 Startups In Gurgaon In 2024

Emerging Innovators Transforming the Business Landscape

Top 10 Startups In Gurgaon In 2024

Gurgaon, India's millennial megacity, is a thriving hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. With a booming tech scene and a supportive ecosystem, startups in Gurgaon are tackling challenges across various sectors and making a mark on the global landscape. Here's a glimpse at 10 of these exciting ventures:

Successful Startups in Gurgaon | Gurgaon-Based Startups

  1. Urban Company (Formerly UrbanClap): This leading app connects users with a vast network of verified professionals for home services, beauty care, and wellness needs.

  2. Rivigo: This logistics powerhouse leverages technology to streamline freight movement across India. Their focus on efficiency and driver well-being is transforming the industry.

  3. Oyo: This hospitality unicorn has disrupted the travel space by providing affordable and standardized accommodation options across the globe.

  4. Zomato: A household name in India, Zomato is a comprehensive food delivery and dining platform that has revolutionized how people experience restaurants.

  5. Policybazaar: Simplifying insurance for the masses, Policybazaar is a one-stop platform for comparing and purchasing insurance policies across categories.

  6. Statiq: With a focus on clean energy solutions, Statiq is building a robust electric vehicle charging network, making e-mobility a more accessible reality in India.

  7. MoEVing: This innovative startup is redefining electric mobility by providing electric two-wheeler subscriptions, making sustainable transportation convenient and affordable.

  8. HexaHealth: This healthcare AI platform utilizes cutting-edge technology to empower medical professionals and improve patient outcomes.

  9. Bobble AI: This voice-based AI assistant provides information and completes tasks in multiple languages, catering to the diverse Indian user base.

  10. Ocrolus: This document intelligence platform uses AI to streamline document processing and verification, ensuring greater efficiency and accuracy across industries.

This is just a taste of Gurgaon's vibrant startup scene. These companies, along with countless others, are shaping the future of not just India, but the world. With their innovative solutions, these startups are poised to make a significant impact in the years to come.