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Top 10 Startups In Hyderabad In 2024

Top 10 Startups In Hyderabad In 2024

1. Dodla Dairy
Milk and dairy products with added value are processed and distributed by Dodla Dairy.
Started in 1995
D. Sunil Reddy was the founder.
Industries: Manufacturing, Food Processing, Food and Beverage, Consumer Goods
Workers: 501–1000
$71,276,176 in funding (3 rounds, 13 investors)

2. Bharat Biotech
The second-largest vaccine maker in India is Bharat Biotech.
Started in 1996
The founders are Suchitra and Krishna Ella.
Biotechnology as an industry
Workers: 501–1000
$14,100,000 in funding (3 rounds, 3 investors)

3. Skyroot Aerospace
The first space launch vehicle firm in India, Skyroot Aerospace, builds rockets for reasonably priced space travel.
commenced in 2018
Founders: Pawan Kumar and Naga Bharath Daka Chandana
Transportation and Aerospace Industries
Workers: 11–50
$14,938,971 in funding (3 rounds, 9 investors)

4. KIMS Hospital

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a multispecialty hospital network and multifunctional private healthcare provider.
began in the year 2000.
Establisher: Bhaskar Rao
Industries: Hospital, Medical, Health Care; Employees: 11–50
$139,178,803 in funding (3 rounds, 3 investors)

5. MedPlus
A significant South Indian pharmacy company.
Started in: 2006
Founder: Gangadi Madhukar
Industries: Wellness, Pharmaceuticals, Health Care, and E-Commerce
Workers: More than 10001
$317,695,079 in funding (7 rounds, 6 investors)

6. Freyr Energy
Hyderabad-based Freyr Energy is a full-service solar supplier.
commenced in 2014
Founders: Saurabh Marda and Radhika Choudary
Industries: Solar, Renewable Energy, Energy, and Environmental Consulting
Workers: 11–50
$4,642,064 in funding (4 rounds, 4 investors)

7. NephroPlus
Excellent Indian dialysis facilities.
started in 2009
The founders are Vikram Vuppala, Sandeep Gudibanda, and Kamal D. Shah.
Hospital, health care, and diagnostics industries
Workers: 501–1000
Financed: $88,618,494 Seven investors, six rounds