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Top 10 Startups in Noida In 2024


Noida, a booming center of technology and innovation, continues to develop some of India's most promising businesses. Here are the top ten startups to follow in 2024:

1. Innovaccer

Industry: HealthTech
Founded: 2014
Innovaccer leverages big data to improve healthcare outcomes. Their Health Cloud integrates various healthcare data sources to provide a comprehensive view for medical professionals, enhancing patient care and reducing costs.

2. Classplus

Industry: EdTech
Founded: 2018
Classplus offers a unified platform for educators to manage their coaching institutes. This EdTech firm enables teachers to reach students nationwide through a dedicated app, streamlining administrative tasks and enhancing learning experiences​.

3. RateGain

Industry: Travel and Hospitality Tech
Founded: 2004
RateGain provides SaaS solutions for the travel and hospitality industry. Their platform offers real-time data intelligence, connectivity to a vast network, and targeted digital marketing solutions.

4. Addverb

Industry: Robotics and Automation
Founded: 2016
Addverb specializes in robotics solutions for intralogistics operations. Their advanced hardware and software systems improve efficiency and accuracy in automation processes.

5. Superplum

Industry: Agriculture Tech
Founded: 2019
Superplum addresses supply chain issues in agriculture with their innovative cold chain solution, the Fresherator, which preserves fresh produce during transport for up to four weeks​.

6. FarEye

Industry: Logistics
Founded: 2013
FarEye enhances logistics management with their digital platforms that optimize supply chain processes. Their solutions help companies achieve faster deliveries and better customer experiences​.

7. Biryani By Kilo

Industry: Food Delivery
Founded: 2015
Biryani By Kilo delivers freshly cooked, authentic Indian cuisine. Their unique approach involves cooking each order individually, ensuring high quality and taste.

8. Nivesh

Industry: FinTech
Founded: 2016
Nivesh provides IT and financial solutions, helping distributors digitize their services without added costs. They facilitate the distribution of financial products like mutual funds through an efficient, zero-investment platform​.

9. ixamBee

Industry: EdTech
Founded: 2016
ixamBee offers technology-based learning solutions for competitive exams. Their platform provides free practice tests and study materials for various government and banking exams, helping students prepare effectively​.

10. SupplyNote

Industry: SaaS
Founded: 2015
SupplyNote offers a cloud-based suite for inventory management, order processing, and sales performance insights. This platform connects service providers and suppliers, enhancing transparency and scalability in operations​.

Noida's startup ecosystem is vibrant and diverse, with companies spanning various industries from health tech to education and logistics. These startups not only drive technological innovation but also create significant economic value, setting new benchmarks in their respective fields. As they continue to grow, they are poised to make substantial contributions to the local and global economy.