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Top 10 Volleyball Players in India in 2023

Honoring the Legends and Celebrating the Rising Stars: India's Volleyball Elite in 2023

Volleyball has always held a special place in the hearts of sports enthusiasts in India. Over the years, the nation has produced remarkable talent that has not only excelled on the court but has also made significant contributions to the sport's growth. As we step into 2023, let's pay homage to the top 10 volleyball players in India, past and present, who have left an indelible mark on the sport.

  1. Jimmy George (1955-1987)

    Jimmy George, often regarded as one of India's greatest volleyball players, made history by becoming the first Indian to play professional club volleyball in Italy. Hailing from Kerala, he led Kerala University to four consecutive All India Inter-University Championship titles and represented India at various Asian Games. Tragically, his promising career was cut short by a car accident in Italy in 1987.

    Notable Achievements:

    • Four consecutive All India Inter-University Championship titles (1973-1976)
    • Bronze medal at the 1986 Asian Games in Seoul
    • First Indian to play for Palla Volo Treviso in Italy

      Jimmy George considered as the one of the great volleyball players india
  2. Cyril Vellore (Born: 1961)

    Cyril Vellore, a proud representative of Kerala, captained the Indian men's volleyball team to a historic bronze medal at the 1986 Seoul Asian Games. His leadership and all-round skills were invaluable to the team's success. He received the prestigious Arjuna Award for his contributions to Indian volleyball.

    Notable Achievements:

    • Arjuna Award recipient
    • Captain of the Indian team during the 1986 Asian Games
    • Member of the Indian team that clinched gold at the 2006 South Asian Games

      Cyril Vellore
  3. A. Palanisamy (1932-2007)

    A. Palanisamy, known as the "Black Panther" for his fierce attacks, represented India at the 1962 Asian Games and was crowned Asia's best player that year. He was the first Indian volleyball player to receive the esteemed Arjuna Award in 1961. Apart from his playing career, he served as a coach, leaving a lasting impact on the sport.

    Notable Achievements:

    • Silver medal at the 1962 Asian Games in Jakarta
    • First Indian volleyball player to be honored with the Arjuna Award
    • Coach for the Sivaganga district in Tamil Nadu
  4. Balwant Singh Sagwal (1945-2010)

    Balwant Singh Sagwal, affectionately known as Ballu, stood tall at 6 feet 6 inches and was a pivotal figure in Punjab's dominance in national competitions from the mid-1960s to the early 1970s. His incredible attacking abilities earned him recognition as a world-class attacker, and he was bestowed with the Arjuna Award in 1972.

    Notable Achievements:

    • Arjuna Award winner
    • Ten-time National champion
    • Represented India in multiple Asian Games

      Balwant Singh Sagwal
  5. Abdul Basith (1959-1991)

    Abdul Basith, a former captain of the Indian men's national volleyball team, was known for his humility and fair play. He played a vital role in India securing the bronze medal at the 1986 Seoul Asian Games. His leadership qualities made him a respected figure in Indian volleyball.

    Notable Achievements:

    • Captain of the Indian volleyball team
    • Bronze medal at the 1986 Asian Games
    • Posthumously awarded the "Lifetime Achievement Award"
  6. Nirmal Kaur Saini (1938-2021)

    Nirmal Kaur Saini, captain of the India women's national volleyball team, played a pivotal role in guiding India to a bronze medal at the 1986 Asian Games in Seoul. She was a symbol of women's empowerment in Indian sports and received numerous accolades for her contributions.

    Notable Achievements:

    • Arjuna Award recipient
    • Led India to a bronze medal at the 1986 Asian Games
    • Director of Sports for Women at the State Department

      Nirmal Kaur Saini the best women volleyball player in india
  7. Karthik Madhu

    Karthik Madhu, a 31-year-old volleyball player from Karnataka, currently leads the Kochi Blue Spikers in the Prime Volleyball League (PVL). He started his volleyball journey at the Sports Authority of India (SAI) and has since represented India in international competitions, including the South Asian Games.

    Notable Achievements:

    • Captain of Kochi Blue Spikers
    • Gold medalist at the South Asian Games in 2016

      Karthik Madhu best among young volleyball players in india
  8. Ashwal Rai

    Ashwal Rai, a 27-year-old middle-blocker, has represented India in various international competitions. Recognized as one of the best blockers in India, he is a promising talent in the world of Indian volleyball.

    Notable Achievements:

    • Represented India in international competitions
    • Regarded as one of the best blockers in India

      Ashwal Rai amongst top volleyball players in india
  9. Ramavtar Singh Jakhar

    Ramavtar Singh Jakhar, a former international volleyball player from Rajasthan, currently serves as the chairperson of the Volleyball Federation of India. He has contributed to the sport both as a player and in administrative roles.

    Ramavtar Singh Jakhar among legendary volleyball players

  10. Muthusamy Appavu

    Muthusamy Appavu is a talented setter who currently plays for Ahmedabad Defenders in the Prime Volleyball League (PVL). He has represented India in international competitions and is recognized for his skills and contributions to Indian volleyball.

    Muthusamy Appavu one of the best volleyball players in india


These top 10 volleyball players in India have made significant contributions to the sport, whether through their exceptional skills, leadership qualities, or administrative roles. Their dedication and passion continue to inspire the next generation of volleyball players in India, ensuring that the legacy of Indian volleyball remains strong and vibrant.