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Top 10 Ways To Cheat In An Exam

Top 10 Ways To Cheat In An Exam

These are the top 10 ways to cheat and pass the exam.

1. Cheat Sheet 

young student cheat at the exams in school. write off cheat sheet

This is the classical method that is used very commonly. But you should take small-sized paper, write in a small font size that can be readable and put the points that are required. Do not forget to get rid of the paper once the need is over and don't act suspiciously. Still, this is very risky as you can get caught.

2. Water Bottle

This method is very smart to do as you just have to put the required information on the bottle's label. You should remember to write the notes in the same font and size so that it eliminates the high risk of getting caught. 

3. Sneak Peek

It has a high risk of getting caught but it doesn't require any equipment to cheat as you simply have to see your friend's answer sheet. You just need good eyesight to look at the answers from friends' answer sheets.

4. Write on Leg

You can write formulas and answers on your legs so that when you sit in an exam and put your legs crossed way, you can pull your pants up and cheat. You just need to wear loose-fit pants so that you can pull the pants up.

5. Pen Scanner

Through the pen scanner, you can click the picture of your question paper and it sends the picture to the phone connected. The phone must be used by another person outside to help you dictate the answers as the pen as auto receives calls.

6. Graphic Calculator

This is very useful for science and maths exams as in a graphic calculator you can store data. You need to follow the steps.

  • Press program, select New then press Enter
  • Name the program
  • Type the formulas

To read the notes you need to go to Edit and select the right one.

7. Mechanical Pencil

You can put a cheat sheet inside the barrel of the pencil by removing the eraser.

8. MP3 pen (SMH)

This is a very advanced way to cheat as this pen can play audio files where you can set up spy headphones and listen to notes.

9. Smart Watch

You can sync your smartwatch with the phone where you can have access to your phone's gallery and can cheat without taking the phone inside the classroom.

10. The "Always Work" Method

This has a 0% risk as you just need to know the syllabus, have the notes and get to study the notes. It's that simple.