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Top 10 Yash Kannada Movies Till 2024

A Closer Look at Yash's Iconic Roles: Memorable Characters That Define His Career

Yash, an actor who has carved his niche in the hearts of millions, has been an epitome of versatility throughout his career. From romantic dramas to intense thrillers, he has donned various roles with finesse, leaving the audience spellbound. Let's take a cinematic journey through some of his notable works, each a masterpiece in its own right.


1. Santhu Straight Forward (2016)

Directed by Mahesh Rao, "Santhu Straight Forward" showcases Yash in a romantic drama alongside Radhika Pandit. The movie resonates with audiences for its gripping storyline and Yash's charismatic portrayal of the titular character, Santhu.

2. Masterpiece (2015)

In this action-packed thriller directed by Manju Mandavya, Yash delivers a powerhouse performance as he navigates through a gripping plot alongside Shanvi Srivastava and Suhasini Maniratnam. His portrayal of a character embroiled in intense circumstances leaves a lasting impact on the viewers.

3. Master Piece (2015)

Yet another gem from Manju Mandavya, "Master Piece" sees Yash in a multi-dimensional role alongside a stellar cast. With elements of drama, comedy, and action woven seamlessly, Yash once again proves his mettle as a versatile actor.

4. Gajakesari (2014)

Directed by Krishna, "Gajakesari" showcases Yash in a compelling drama enriched with action sequences. Alongside Amulya and Ananth Nag, Yash delivers a memorable performance that captivates the audience from start to finish.

5. Mr & Mrs Ramachari (2014)

Directed by Santhosh Anandram, this romantic family drama features Yash and Radhika Pandit in lead roles. Yash's portrayal of Ramachari is heartfelt and sincere, earning him accolades from both critics and audiences alike.

6. Chandra (2013)

In Roopa Iyer's "Chandra," Yash explores the depths of drama alongside Shriya Saran and Prem Kumar. His nuanced performance adds layers to the character, making the film a captivating watch for cinephiles.

7. Googly (2013)

Pavan Wadeyar's "Googly" showcases Yash in a romantic drama alongside Kriti Kharbanda. With his charming persona and impeccable acting skills, Yash delivers a performance that strikes a chord with the audience.

8. Rajahuli (2013)

Directed by Guru Deshpande, "Rajahuli" features Yash in a romantic drama alongside Meghana Raj. Yash's portrayal of the protagonist is both relatable and engaging, making the movie a memorable experience for viewers.

9. Lucky (2012)

In Dr. Soori's "Lucky," Yash shines in a romantic comedy alongside Ramya. His impeccable comic timing and natural flair for acting make the film a delightful watch for audiences of all ages.

10. Jaanu (2012)

Directed by Preetham Gubbi, "Jaanu" sees Yash in a poignant drama alongside Deepa Sannidhi. Yash's portrayal of Jaanu is heartfelt and genuine, making the film a must-watch for fans of meaningful cinema.

From romantic dramas to intense thrillers, Yash has showcased his versatility time and again, cementing his position as one of the finest actors in the industry. With each role, he continues to mesmerize audiences and leave a lasting impression, making him a true icon of Indian cinema.