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Top 10Facts About India That’ll Make You Proud This Independence Day 


We all love our country and are always curious to know all the interesting facts about it. Explore the Top 10 facts about India that will make you proud this Independence Day with this article.

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It has the largest democracy in the entire world and is among the most ancient and living civilizations.

It is home to many renowned social reformers such as Savitri Bai Phule, B.R Ambedkar, and Ayyankali who courageously fought for gender and caste-based injustice and contributed to creating a better society.

Being home to over 200 different languages all these have a very unique place in our Indian society.

The Indian Space Research Organisation of India had set a world record by launching 104 satellites into orbit in a single mission.

It is the home of some of the very renowned CEOs of top companies which include Google, Mastercard, Adobe, and many more.

Being the global leader in spices, around 70% of the world's species comes from our country and we have also given one of the best performances in the Paralympics in the year 2016 and garnered 4 gold medals. 

Being a lover and advocate of peace, we have one of the largest troop contributors to the UN Peacekeeping Missions.

We have given the whole world the game of chess, trigonometry, zero, calculus, and many more amazing inventories.

We also have one of the fastest-leading economies of the decade and in 2014 around 43,000 super enthusiastic Indians gathered to create the world's largest human flag.

We also have some of the youngest and most versatile entrepreneurs in the world who have successfully established themselves as billionaires.

So, above mentioned are some of the facts about our country which will make every Indian proud this Independence Day.