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Top 31 Startups in Chennai in 2024

Here's The List Of Top 31 Startups in Chennai in 2024
Here's The List Of Top 31 Startups In Chennai

Chennai, a city noted for its vibrant industry and rich culture, is quickly becoming a center for cutting-edge businesses. The city's flawless fusion of modernity and heritage fosters an atmosphere that is conducive to the expansion of new enterprises. 2024 sees a thriving and energetic startup culture in Chennai, with businesses making significant advancements in a range of industries, including technology, healthcare, sustainability, and other sectors.

These firms aim to translate ideas into practical solutions that have an influence on people's daily lives, not merely make money. With innovation and perseverance, Chennai's entrepreneurs are paving the way in a variety of fields, such as improving consumer interaction and expanding access to healthcare.

Here are a few of Chennai's best startups that we think will have a big effect this year. These businesses are reshaping entire sectors, providing practical solutions to pressing issues, and illuminating what the future may hold. These startups are creating opportunities for a better future by using cutting-edge technology, creative business strategies, and environmentally friendly operations.


Here's The List Of Top 31 Startups In Chennai

1) Northern Arc:

A non-banking finance organization called Northern Arc Capital links debt investors and borrowers.
Information about the launch:
commenced in: 2008
Kshama Fernandes founded the following industries: finance, enterprise, and financial services.
51–100 workers are employed.
Financed with $383,626,249
11 funding rounds

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2) Agnikul

Designed, constructed, tested, and launched orbital class rockets for micro and nano satellites is Agnikul, a space technology business.
Information about the launch:

commenced in 2017
Moin SPM, Satyanarayanan Chakravarthy, and Srinath Ravichandran were the founders.
Industries: Manufacturing, Nanotechnology, and Aerospace
51–100 workers are employed.
$14,543,144 in funding over 4 funding rounds

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3) Vivriti Capital

Small companies and people without simple access to finance can use Vivriti Capital as a marketplace.

Information about the launch:
commenced in 2017
The founders are Vineet Sukumar, Soumendra Ghosh, Irfan Mohammed, Gaurav Kumar, and Aniket Deshpande.
Sectors: Analytics, Crowdfunding, Banking, FinTech, Insurance, Marketplace, Financial Services
Employee count: 101–250
Financed by $107,701,572

4) Netmeds

Welcome to India's most practical pharmacy!
Information about the launch:
commenced in 2010; Pradeep Dadha is the founder
Industries: Pharmaceutical, Health Care, and E-Commerce
Employee count: 501–1000
Financed at $99,000,000
Three funding rounds



An independent online marketplace called offers quick, personalized loan and insurance rate quotes.

6) Financial Software & Systems

Financial Software & Systems (FSS) is a top supplier of payment technologies worldwide.

7) Kaleidofin

Kaleidofin is a fintech platform that provides financially disadvantaged people and households with comprehensive financial solutions.

8) Treat at Home

Via a digital healthcare marketplace, people in need of medical services can communicate with licensed healthcare providers on-demand.

9) Fieldproxy

Fieldproxy is a software as a service platform that enables entrepreneurs to develop unique applications to enhance the effectiveness of their field operations.

10) Prodapt Solutions

Prodapt Solutions is an IT services specialist that collaborates with global digital service providers.

Information about the launch:
Started in 1999
Entrepreneurs: Vedant Jhaver Sectors: Software, Information Technology
Employee count: 1001–5000
Financed at $75,000,000
Funding cycles: one

Description: Flintobox is an edtech firm that creates creative educational products to make early childhood development more enjoyable.
Started in: 2013
Founders: Arunprasad Durairaj, Shreenidhi Srirangam, Vijay Gandhi
Industries: Children, E-Commerce, Shopping
Employees: 11-50
Funding: $15,413,257
Funding Rounds: 6
Investors: InnoVen Capital, Globevestor, GSF, Lightbox, Ashvin Chadha

Description: Pando offers an open-market freight management platform that digitizes logistics operations.
Started in: 2015
Founders: Ashok Vasan, Nitin Jayakrishnan
Industries: Enterprise Software, Logistics, Supply Chain Management
Employees: 51-100
Funding: $11,048,634
Funding Rounds: 2
Investors: Nexus Venture Partners, Next47, Alok Mittal, Chiratae Ventures, Girish Mathrubootham

13.Servion Global Solutions
Description: Servion Global Solutions helps businesses with Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions.
Started in: 1995
Founders: Kavikkal Balakrishnan, N Raghunandan
Industries: Big Data, Information Technology, Mobile, Software
Employees: 1001-5000
Funding: $140,000,000
Funding Rounds: 2
Investors: Everstone

Description: CreditMantri is a data-driven platform that provides users with credit and financial reports based on their credit history.
Started in: 2012
Founders: Gowri Thyagarajan Mukherjee, Ranjit Punja, Sudarshan Rajasundaram
Industries: Credit, Financial Services, FinTech
Employees: 101-250
Funding: $10,997,913
Funding Rounds: 4
Investors: IDG Capital, Accion, Quona Capital, Trifecta Capital Advisors, Chiratae Ventures

15.TVS Logistics Services
Description: TVS Logistics Services specializes in supply chain management, logistics, and related services.
Started in: 1995
Founders: T.V.Sundram Iyengar
Industries: Logistics, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management
Employees: 1001-5000
Funding: $211,614,184
Funding Rounds: 4
Investors: Goldman Sachs, Caisse de Depot et Placement du Quebec, Mitsubishi Corporation, Nippon Express

Description: CaratLane is an online jewelry company offering a wide selection of loose diamonds and other jewelry.
Started in: 2008
Founders: Avnish Anand, Gurukeerthi

TenderCuts is an online meat store selling antibiotic-free, sanitary, and farm-fresh chicken, goat, and shellfish.Started in: 2011
Founders: Nishanth Chandran
Industries: Food Delivery, Livestock, Mobile Apps
Number of employees: 1-10
Funding: $15,759,255
Funding rounds: 2
Number of investors: 2 (Nabventures, Paragon Partners)

Aquaconnect is a full-stack aquaculture technology venture providing farm advising and market connections.Started in: 2017
Founders: Rajamanohar Somasundaram
Industries: Aquaculture, Machine Learning, Seafood
Number of employees: 11-50
Funding: $1,123,810
Funding rounds: 2

19.Apollo Pharmacy
Apollo Pharmacy is an e-commerce site for medicinal items.

Started in: 2016
Industries: E-Commerce, Pharmaceutical, Retail
Number of employees: 251-500
Funding: ₹5,278,000,000
Funding rounds: 1

20.Go Colors
Go Colors is a well-known women's apparel brand specializing in vibrant and comfortable wear.Started in: 2010
Founders: Gautam Saraogi
Industries: Fashion, Marketing, Shopping
Number of employees: 101-250
Funding: $15,655,577
Funding rounds: 2

21.Skill Lync
Skill Lync offers job-oriented engineering courses through its innovative e-learning platform.

Started in: 2018
Founders: Sarangarajan Iyengar, Suryanarayanan Paneerselvam
Industries: E-Learning, Education, Higher Education
Number of employees: 251-500
Funding: $150,000
Funding rounds: 2

22.TVS Automobile Solutions
TVS Automobile Solutions provides comprehensive car repair services across India.

Started in: 2009
Founders: K V Narasimha Chary
Industries: Automotive, Consumer, Service Industry
Number of employees: 1001-5000
Funding: ₹350,000,000
Funding rounds: 1

GUVI is an online platform for technical learning, founded by IIT Madras.Started in: 2014
Founders: Arun Prakash, Bala Murugan, Sridevi Arunprakash
Industries: Internet
Number of employees: 1-10
Funding: $928,695
Funding rounds: 4

FR8 is a logistics startup using technology to address inefficiencies in long-haul transport.

Started in: 2016
Founders: Jay Panneerselvam, Vasanth Immanuel
Industries: Logistics
Number of employees: 11-50
Funding: $3,753,110
Funding rounds: 3

Sulekha is a leading digital platform in India, connecting consumers with local service providers.Started in: 2000
Founders: Satya Prabhakar
Industries: E-Commerce, Retail, Shopping
Number of employees: 1001-5000
Funding: $44,600,000
Funding rounds: 4

Disprz is a "knowledge-tech" startup aimed at enhancing people's knowledge, productivity, and intelligence.

Started in: 2015
Founders: Kuljit Chadha, Subramanian Viswanathan
Industries: E-Learning, Education
Number of employees: 11-50
Funding: $4,500,000

And other 5 names are mentioned bellow

28. Grinntech
29. Updater Services
30. Real Image Media Technologies
31. Curatio Healthcare