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Top 4 Different Types of Cricket Bats

Choosing the Right Cricket Bat: Key Factors to Consider

Cricket is a globally popular sport, including in our country. While it's fascinating to watch, the gear and equipment used by players, especially batsmen, are even more intriguing. Batsmen use various equipment such as helmets, gloves, and crucially, bats. Choosing the right bat can seem daunting due to the numerous variations available. Important factors to consider include the type of wood, grip, length, and base. Don't worry; we've got you covered. Here's a comprehensive guide to the types of cricket bats and how to select the best one for you.

Types of Cricket Bats

  1. English Willow
  2. Kashmiri Willow
  3. Softball Cricket Bats
  4. Training Cricket Bats

English Willow

English willow is preferred by many professional cricketers due to its superior quality, providing the right combination of contraction and toughness. This type of willow, native to England and also known as white willow, comes in five grades, with the highest grade offering the best quality and straighter grains.

Kashmiri Willow

Made from Kashmiri wood, these bats are highly sought after in India. They differ from English willow bats in both appearance and durability, with a distinct brownish hue. Handcrafted, Kashmiri willow bats are lighter and a popular choice among beginners despite their slightly higher cost.

Softball Cricket Bats

These bats are typically used for local or recreational cricket and are made from soft rubber and high-quality wood or fiber. They are less expensive and are often used by children for playing at home. Softball cricket bats do not require the same preparation as other types, making them convenient for casual play.

Training Cricket Bats

Designed to enhance a player's skill set, training cricket bats can be made from either English or Kashmiri willow or a combination of both. These bats come in various sizes and are usually half the width of a regular bat. They are invaluable for coaches during training sessions.

Difference between English Willow and Kashmiri Willow

A common question for beginners is which type of willow to choose. English willow bats are lighter, smoother, and have better grain quality, making them a favorite among professional players. However, they are also more expensive than Kashmiri willow bats.

How to Choose a Cricket Bat

  1. Type of Willow: Decide whether you prefer the heavier Kashmiri willow or the lighter English willow. If opting for English willow, consider the grade, as higher grades offer better quality.
  2. Bat Size: Choose a bat size appropriate for your age and height. Refer to the following chart for guidance:
Bat Size Approx Age Height of Batter Bat Length (cm) Bat Width (cm)
0 3-4 Up to 123cm 62.8 to 64.7 9.5
1 4-5 123-130cm 67.9 9.5
2 6-7 130-137cm 70.1 9.5
3 8 137-145cm 73 9.6
4 9-11 145-150cm 75.9 9.6
5 10-12 150-157cm 78.8 10.2
6 11-13 157-163cm 81.1 10.2
Harrow 12-14 163-175cm 82.8 10.4
Full SH 15+ 175-188cm 85.2 10.8
Full LH 15+ Over 188cm 87 10.8
  1. Weight: The weight of a bat is crucial and affects a player’s performance. Heavier bats can be challenging for younger players, limiting their ability to play certain shots. Senior players should also choose a bat that feels comfortable to pick up and swing. Generally, senior bats weigh between 2lb 6oz and 3lb 2oz. Always test the bat's weight before purchasing.


By considering these factors, you can select the perfect cricket bat to enhance your game.