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Top 5 Books Based On Lord Shiva


There is an inexhaustible wealth of literature on Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva's brilliant and exquisite leelas or legends cannot be contained in one or two books. You should spend your time reading actual books and literature on Lord Shiva rather than fiction.
Shekhar Kapur to direct series adaptation of Amish Tripathi's Shiva Trilogy  - The Hindu
Some of the great and real Lord Shiva literature includes:

  1. Seven Secrets of Shiva byDevdutt Pattanaik

The author of the book Seven Secrets of Shiva is. This Lord Shiva book is made of extraordinary material; only persons with high moral standards will be able to grasp the information contained within it. It is the type of book that will not impress you on the first read. You will almost never understand the first time you read it. The book Seven Secrets of Shiva discusses Shiva's primal form. It does not address the legends. It teaches you about Lord Shiva's essential reality. If you try to read this Shiva and Sati book while considering the physical dimensions of humans, you will be unable to comprehend it. Gods and Goddesses exist outside of physical laws. 

  1. Immortals of Meluha (The Shiva Trilogy Book 1)

Immortals of Meluha is a well-known book about Lord Shiva, although the stories and traditions stated in it are made up and inspired by the great God Lord Shiva. The story is fictitious and has nothing to do with Shivaism; Shiva is a Tibetan immigrant who becomes Mahadev. Nonetheless, when it initially emerged from the author's thoughts, this fiction generated quite a stir. The fictional character in the book was admired by the readers. Shiva, the superhero, was introduced by novelist Amish. The story is part of the Trilogy and includes other chapters. The author is Amish Tripathi.

  1. The incredible Qualities of Lord Shiva: Life lesson to learn from Shiva

One of the most popular books on the internet is The Incredible Qualities of Lord Shiva. The book describes Lord Shiva's exceptional traits in an intriguing manner. "The Incredible Qualities of Lord Shiva" captures your attention and rapidly teaches you about Lord Shiva's merits. The captivating Persona of Lord Shiva is defined elegantly in the book. Lord Shiva is depicted in the text as the destroyer of darkness and evil. This book has no strings attached, and anyone can read it. Currently, the book is only available in a few countries. Only a few nations have access to the paperback edition. The book's author is Santosh Gairola.

  1. Shiv Mahapuran

The Shiv Mahapuran is regarded as the definitive handbook for all Shiva literature that addresses all aspects of Lord Shiva. Vanamali is a well-known author who specializes in writing about Gods and Goddesses; if you are a fan of old Hindu culture, you can read more of her writings. Readers all throughout the world adore Shiva-themed books. He exemplifies strength, patience, and discipline. Lord Shiva has a different connection with the youth: he is the destroyer, the guardian, the niwasi of Shamshan, and he loves bhang, while on the other hand, he is removed from all earthly items, always in his dhyana mudra. 

  1. Shiva, The Lord of Yoga

This book demonstrates how much Lord Shiva is adored by people all around the world. There are many details on Shiva in books, but this one by Dr. David Frawley focuses on how Lord Shiva personifies yoga, dhyana- mudra (meditation), asanas, maintaining a disciplined life, and much more. The ultimate yoga teacher is Lord Shiva. This book will allow you to read about this specific feature of our Bholenath, which will undoubtedly teach and enlighten you in your life. So, get your copies and enjoy this little-explored part of the divinity.