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Top 5 Courses For Bio Maths After 12th Std in India


There are a lot of ways to get good education after class 12 in Bio Maths. The students have a lot of option to choose a course from which they think will make their future better. Many Universities and Colleges also provide courses in Bio Maths which can help one to be a better scientist or engineer but you can also begin learning through online tutorings and reources available. The course is suitable for people who are either going for medical or engineering side. 

This is a developing field which deals with analysing data. It is done through mathematical tools and concepts related to biology. Some of the best courses in the field are - 

1. Indian Institute of Science, Bnagalore offers an UG course in Bio Maths which covers basic concepts such as linear equations, functional relationships and more. 

2. Indian Statistical Institute offers an UG course. 

Here are some courses which one can do for the field. 

1. Digital Marketing 

After 12th, bio math graduates have many job opportunities in digital marketing. It is excellent for students who fear JEE and NEET exams. Digital Marketing is one of the most demanding job in the market. You can customise the course according to time you have. DM gives you skills in social media marketing, video marketing, website management and marketing, email marketing, web analytics and many more.

2. Computer Science Engineering

It is a rewarding yet challenging journey to go for computer science engineering after doing bio maths. It improves one's computer science, mathematics, and engineering skills. It is a 4 years course anf if you get into IT or NIT you can even get a high package job as you complete the course. 

3. Mechanical Engineering

It is a rewarding career path. After completing bio maths, one can use the examples there to relate with the concepts here. This field which requires strong mathematical and scientific knowledge to design and build machines. 

4. Petroleum Engineering 

With this course, one can understand the gas and oil industry better. It teaches basics of gas wells, production, finders and ultra deepwater wells. The students learn about fabricate pipelines, measure oil and gas production and more. 

5. Electrical Engineering 

It is a great way to learn about engineering and electricity. It helps to understand about electricity, different devices and how to create circuits and wiring. Many join the field for their interest.