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Top 5 Yoga Classes In Noida


Explore the top 5 Yoga Classes in Noida which you can check to transform your body and start your fitness journey, with this article and learn important details about them. 


Amritam Yoga Foundation - It is one of the most popular and best Yoga Classes located in Noida which offers both online and offline classes. Their charges for yoga classes are Rs 2500 per month. 

Pranava Yoga Academy - It is the second-best yoga classes center in Noida which is highly recommended for those who want a holistic yoga experience. They also have special medication classes and their charges are around Rs 2000 monthly. 

The Yoga Guru - It is the third-best yoga center in Noida which is also a part of an NGO called Holistic Health Care Foundation. They offer multiple yoga programs between 6 am to 8 pm. 

Sohum Institute of Yoga Science - It is the fourth-best yoga institute near Sector 61 in Noida. This institute offers a wide range of yoga classes and their monthly charges are around Rs 2000 per month. 

Wellness Yoga Studio - It is the fifth best yoga institute in Noida which is best for all the mommies out there as they specialize in providing prenatal yoga. 

So, this article was all about the top 5 Yoga Classes near Noida which you must visit to transform your fitness journey in the best way, and all the important details about the classes are included in this article.