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Top 5 YouTube Channels To Prepare For CBSE Class-10 Mathematics Exam

Know About Top 5 YouTube Channels To Prepare For CBSE Class-10 Mathematics Exam
Know About Top 5 YouTube Channels To Prepare For CBSE Class-10 Mathematics Exam

Mathematics is a topic that many children find challenging, but it's also one that counts.
In particular, most students find that studying for math board exams can be extremely difficult. However, YouTube channels that provide advice and video lessons can assist them in becoming ready.
These five YouTube channels can help candidates for the CBSE Class 10 maths board test.

1. One of the most watched YouTube channels is Toppr Study.
Toppr Study is a YouTube channel that has over 1.68 million subscribers and is managed by the online education firm Toppr. It is among the greatest resources for learning maths in Class 10.
It provides a thorough explanation of every idea through video lectures using a variety of teaching techniques and technology.Its main goal is to make studying more enjoyable and easy while assisting students in getting ready for tests.
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2. Another well-liked math channel is Bodhaguru.
For science and maths up to Class 10, Bodhaguru is a fantastic YouTube channel with over 1.28 million members.The channel offers hundreds of engaging videos on practically every subject, with clear explanations and examples to help Class 10 students study more effectively.
Notably, Bodhaguru offers a sizable selection of Hindi and English arithmetic videos.
There are hundreds of in-depth video lectures on this YouTube channel.

3.Mathematics Class X

With about 520K subscribers, Mathematics Class X is one of the top YouTube channels to watch in order to get ready for the CBSE Class 10 math board test.
It provides a good selection of hundreds of in-depth video courses covering all the necessary subjects.Numerous playlists on the channel cover every topic and are helpful for thoroughly understanding concepts.


LearnoHub offers numerous mathematics video classes.
LearnoHub - Class 9,10 is a well-liked YouTube channel for CBSE Classes 9–10 covering all subjects, with over 225,000 subscribers.
Numerous videos about Class 10 mathematics can be found on the channel, which is run by the free online learning portal ExamFear Education.

It provides chapter-by-chapter video tutorials that break down all the subjects and provide tips for in-depth study to assist students be ready for the test.

5.Ganit Guru
Ganit Guru also offers  mathematics video in Hindi and English medium.
Students in Class 10 can consider Ganit Guru, a mathematics-focused YouTube channel with close to 40,000 members. Students may quickly grasp and study arithmetic ideas with the help of its topic-based video lectures. Videos in Hindi and English are also available on the channel.