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Top 8 Hair Straighteners In India In 2023


Various brands offer a wide range of hair straighteners. Stylists use them with great success for these straightening treatments. They are, however, frequently used after a regular shampoo or haircut service to provide a great finish to the hair. It is critical to choose the right straightener for this purpose to do a better job!
How to Use a Hair Straightener at Home | Be Beautiful India

1. Dyson Airstrait

Considering this straightener has no hot plates, there will be no heat damage to the hair. The water in wet hair naturally weakens the hair bonds. As a result, the hair is more elastic and can be set and manipulated while drying without the use of high heat. This straightener uses a combination of airflow and precision air jets to straighten the hair as it dries. This innovative straightener saves time by combining two steps-drying and straightening into one.

2. Ikonic Professional’s Vibe range

The Vibe Range makes use of cutting-edge technologies such as AI and Infrared Technology to adjust the temperature based on the hair type. This technology ensures efficiency and low heat damage risk. It has floating ceramic plates that distribute heat evenly. Its ionic technology reduces static electricity by generating negative ions, which aid in the elimination of frizz, the sealing of cuticles, and the retention of moisture. It accelerates the straightening process with 4.5cm wide plates.

3. HNK RUSSO Hair Straightener

The HNK RUSSO straightener features a one-of-a-kind memory button that allows the user to record and save preferred temperature settings. This makes it easier to access and maintain the desired temperature. The straightener has fine Rose Gold plates that allow it to glide through the hair smoothly. It also gives the hair extra shine and gloss. The straightener's cool tip feature keeps it cool to the touch even when the plates are extremely hot.

4. Lizze Extreme Straightener

The Lizzie Extreme Straightener has a maximum temperature of 250°C, which makes it hotter than other conventional irons. However, high heat does not imply damage. Its titanium plates are intended to keep hair out of these problems. The iron is also intended for use on colored hair. This hair straightener uses Nano Titanium Technology to straighten hair 70% faster. It also has adjustable temperature settings and is easy to use, and it is suitable for all hair types.

5. Mr. Barber’s Elite Hair Straightener

Mr. Barber's Elite Hair Straightener is a professional hair styling tool with professional wide plates, an adjustable temperature range of up to 230 degrees Celsius, and a 3-meter long swivel cord for comfortable use and quick heating. It also has a lock/unlock button and an automatic sleep mode that activates after 60 minutes of inactivity to help the straightener last longer. It is suitable for all hair types and quickly heats up.

6. Hector Keratin's Pro Shine Straightener

Hector Keratin's Pro Shine Straightener adds shine and smoothness to Keratin hair without the use of chemicals. Its 3D Floating Titanium plates allow for rapid heating. The flexi plates make straightening the hair easier. This straightener specializes in rebonding and smoothening and features a temperature adjuster, 360-degree swivel cable, and an LED Multi-Info Display. It reduces frizz for long-lasting straight and shiny hair.

7. Berina’s BC-051 Pro Titanium Luster Hair Straightener

This high-quality straightener features floating ceramic and Titanium-coated plates that glide smoothly through hair to produce silky, lustrous results. It has a Korean MCH heating element for quick heating. With a 1.5-inch wide plate, this hair straightener covers a larger hair area, resulting in faster straightening. Three LED lights on the panel indicate temperature changes, and the straightener comes with a three-meter tangle-free 360° C swivel cord.

8. AY TY Pro Firefly straightener

The AY TY Pro Firefly straightener is available in yellow, while the AY TY Pro Flamingo straightener is available in pink. Ceramic plates on these straighteners provide long-lasting results. These straighteners have a 6-direction floating mechanism and a sleek shape for a good grip. They have an LED display, a temperature readiness indicator, and an auto shut-off. They also have a quick heating time and use silk protect technology to ensure optimal temperature, reducing heat exposure to the hair.