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Top 8 Popular Chocolate Brands In India In 2023


Here are the top 8 popular chocolate brands in India in 2023.

1. Cadbury

   Cadbury, founded in the UK in 1824, has become one of India's most beloved chocolate brands since it entered the Indian market in the 1950s. Cadbury's Celebrations editions are extremely popular, as are varieties like as Cadbury Silk, Bournville, Perk, 5 Star, Dairy Milk, & Gems. The Cadbury Dairy Milk assortment offers a range of products at prices ranging from Rs. 5 to Rs. 500.


2. Nestle

   Nestle, one of the world's largest food and beverage companies, has a significant presence in India. Kit-Kat, a wafer coated with high-quality chocolate, is among its top offerings. Nestle also produces other popular chocolates like Aero, Bar One, Smarties, and Munch. Known for its quality, Nestle is not only a top chocolate brand in India but also a renowned food and beverage company.

3. Amul

   Amul, India's largest milk brand, is also known for its exceptional chocolates. Despite its reputation for dairy goods, Amul's chocolates, such as Amul  Single Origin Dark Chocolate, Fruit n Nut & Mystic Mocha, are all in high demand.. Amul's Dark Chocolate with 99% cacao content appeals to chocolate connoisseurs.

4. Ferrero Rocher

   Ferrero Rocher, famous worldwide for its golden chocolates, entered India in 2004 and quickly gained popularity. Known for its captivating appearance, packaging, and taste, Ferrero Rocher offers a range of exquisite chocolates in India.

5. The Hershey’s Company

   The Hershey’s Company, originally founded in the USA, has gained significant popularity in India. With its Brookside brand being a top choice, Hershey's offers a variety of chocolates, syrups, mints, and sweets, all made with high-quality ingredients.

6. Mars

   Mars, founded in the USA in 1911, established a presence in the Indian chocolate market in the 1950s. Known for its rich cocoa and milk chocolates, Mars offers a range of premium chocolates in India, including Snickers, M&Ms, Galaxy, Milky Way, and Bounty.

7. Lindt

   Lindt, a Swiss chocolate company founded in 1845, is renowned for its high-quality chocolates. Lindt's chocolates are known for their smooth, melt-in-the-mouth texture and come in various flavors, including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, hazelnut, and orange.

8. Godiva Chocolatier

   Godiva Chocolatier, founded in Belgium in 1926, is an international chocolate brand known for its premium and unique chocolates. With plans to launch numerous GODIVA cafes worldwide, the company offers decadent chocolate-based beverages, pastries, and truffles. Their premium chocolate and truffle gift boxes make for perfect gifts.

These chocolate brands have become popular in India, offering a wide range of choices for chocolate enthusiasts.