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Top 10 Hostels In The World In 2022

The top hostels in the world, in my view, are listed below.

1. Los Patios (Medellin, Colombia)

Themed floors of this chic hostel are inspired by Colombia's diverse landscape, including its mountains, forests, sea, and plains. It is a part of a sizable two-building complex with a co-working area, a gym, rooftop bars, an organic garden, a Spanish school, and community kitchens. In the entire city, it was by far my favourite hostel. In addition to free bike rentals, it provides free coffee and tea, fantastic happy hours, incredible parties, and events like salsa workshops and street art tours.

2. Franceso’s (Ios, Greece)

The best spot on earth for milkshakes is just next door to Francesco's. The mattresses are comfortable, and the rooms are very good, but what truly makes this place so great are its central location and the fact that you meet so many new people every night.

3. Kabul (Barcelona, Spain)

If you want to spend your nights partying, Kabul is just an all-out fun-filled town. You didn't travel to Kabul to go to bed. It is always completely booked, and during the summertime, it is booked months in advance due to its reputation for its atmosphere and partying. Everyone interacts with one another in the hallways and rooms while playing cards, drinking, dancing, and listening to music. They may also congregate in the enormous common area to enjoy dirt-cheap beer and pool. Each night, a little complimentary supper is provided in Kabul.

4. Nomads (Queenstown, New Zealand)

Since this hostel lacks a bar, alcohol is permitted within the building. This meant that rather than spending money at the pubs at night, many people stayed around to socialise. The hostel also holds events every evening and conducts a free supper and quiz night every Sunday.

5. The Flying Pig (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

The costs are on the higher end and the amenities are standard. This hostel is well-liked by tourists who want to unwind and smoke some pot, but those who don't crowd the bar area at night. Smoking is not the only topic at hand. What distinguishes this location from others is the staff. They socialise with visitors, are local specialists, and are always willing to assist you. They share your desire to enjoy yourself.

6. Base St. Kilda (Melbourne, Australia)

The McDonald's of hostels, Base. Despite leaving full, you don't feel fully satisfied. The bathrooms and bedrooms are spotless and in excellent condition. The setting and mood are the main reasons guests stay here.

7. Hostel Mostel (Bulgaria)

The hostel has sites in Sofia and Veliko Tarnovo, both in Bulgaria, and all of them adhere to the same standards: comfortable beds, complimentary breakfast and supper, free beer and shots, a pool table, and free, swift Wi-Fi. Furthermore, a location that offers a delectable breakfast, free beer, and spaghetti every night is impossible to dislike. The mattresses are quite comfy, but the welcoming, convivial environment is the finest aspect about staying here.

8. Goodnight Hostel (Lisbon, Portugal)

Free breakfast, once-weekly dinners for 10 EUR, and free sangria are all provided by this hostel in the city. The mattresses are really comfortable, and the showers offer fantastic water pressure. It's simple to meet other tourists in the tiny atmosphere because of how intimate it is!

9. Green Tortoise (Seattle, USA)

San Francisco and Seattle both have hostels run by The Green Tortoise. They conduct a lot of activities and events for guests, provide a substantial breakfast (I'm always amazed by how much food they provide), have kind employees, and comfortable mattresses. They are really reliable locations that perfectly capture the vibe of a hostel. These people receive kindness.

10. Les Piaules (Paris, France)

This hostel is housed in a gorgeously restored art deco structure and is situated in the Belleville district of Paris. It boasts a great chimney lounge, a rooftop patio, and a hip ground-floor bar/restaurant that is also well-liked by residents. The mattresses are comfortable, the rooms are quite contemporary, and you can pay extra for either a "badass" breakfast or a plain meal.