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Top 10 Resorts In Bhandardara


Choosing the ideal Bhandardara resort can be a challenge for a first-time tourist as there are numerous options available. Since Bhandardara is a well-liked weekend getaway destination for residents of nearby cities like Pune, Mumbai, and Nagpur, there are a tonne of these resorts, all of which have expansive qualities and look like weekend getaway destinations in and of themselves, complete with the best views and amenities like swimming pools, jacuzzis, gyms, spas, and a variety of other recreational pursuits.

Some of Bhandardara's top resorts are listed below:

1. Anandvan Resort

Anandvan Resort is the ideal spot to unwind and take in the unspoiled beauty of nature. It is perched at an amazing elevation of over 2,800 feet above sea level in the interesting Sahyadri Hills. While isolated from the outside world, this Bhandardara resort is also conveniently accessible from other important locations like Mumbai; it is around 170 km from the metro and draws tourists from all walks of life.

The Anandvan Resort is only one of the Bhandardara resorts that can keep you happy whether you are travelling with family, organising a wonderful weekend trip with friends, or searching for an exciting corporate event.

2. Yash Resort

Another well-known name on the list of Bhandardara resorts is Yash Resort, which is situated on 3.5 acres of picturesque terrain. This perfect escape is especially suggested for families travelling together, but it also works for other occasions or festivities like birthday parties, weddings, and other similar events.

Additionally, the resort's location near a number of famous historical and mythological sites makes it an ideal starting point for sightseeing and excursion tours. You will be welcomed with warm hospitality, great amenities, and the lavish splendour of the surrounding nature as soon as you check into this vacation house.

3. Rain Forest Resort

At 2,000 feet above sea level, and around 30 kilometres from the picturesque areas of Bhandardara, RainForest is situated within the lush, evergreen areas of Igatpuri. This is one of the resorts in Bhandardara that is reachable from cities like Mumbai and Nashik and is open all year round.

The resort provides its guests stylishly built living rooms with tastefully decorated interiors and furniture, making them perfect for family vacations, friend get-togethers, and corporate gatherings. It is one of the best resorts to spend ideal and enjoyable times with family and friends because of its upscale appearance and accessibility to current services and facilities.

4. Tropical Retreat Resort

Tropical Retreat is a five-star spa and resort with 8.5 acres of land, making it perfect for a weekend retreat. The resort can hold up to 100 guests and has 43 rooms. There is plenty of parking available. It is one of the top Bhandardara resorts and a terrific option for some relaxation time. It is also great for organising events like weddings, parties, business functions, etc.

The resort offers everything one might possibly need for the ideal vacation, including outdoor activities, spa and wellness services, opulent accommodations, in-room dining, games, and safe deposit boxes.

5. The Grand Gardens Resort

The Grand Gardens Resort, one of many resorts in Bhandardhara, is renowned for its 360-degree views of the breathtaking Sahyadris tucked away in the area. The hotel's architecture is sophisticated and well-organized.

The resort offers a spa and a wellness area in addition to offering a variety of adventure sports activities. The spa lounge's panoramic views add to the tranquilly of the experience.

6. Nature Leap Resort

The Bhandardara resort known as Nature Leap is a getaway into the lap of nature. The resort offers visitors a wide range of activities to partake in, like picking fresh mangoes from fields in the summer, witnessing rice farming in the monsoon season, and camping with a bonfire in the winter. It also offers 360-degree views of the Sahyadri highlands and Vaitarna dam.

7. Mystic Valley Spa Resort

Mystic Valley Spa Resort, another well-known name on the list of the greatest Bhandardara resorts, is situated near Igatpuri and is conveniently accessible from other well-liked tourist destinations. This vacation destination offers a clean and untainted environment that may instantly revive your weary soul because it is free from the influence of commercialization.

This resort is a great host whether you want a holiday loaded with adventure or a relaxing getaway. Along with the extensive list of activities, you can also partake in a number of spa treatments that will aid in your relaxation while you take in the lush and lavish beauty of nature.

8. Manas Resort

Manas Resort in Igatpuri, which is elegantly situated on the Kasara Ghats of the Sahayadri Range, is also regarded as one of the nicest and most lavish Bhandardara resorts. This vacation getaway is a gateway to the area's lush and bucolic environment and was exquisitely created and situated amidst rich and various greeneries.

It is home to various types of exotic butterflies and birds and is surrounded by steep canyons, trickling rivulets, and lush beautiful flora. Your memories of your time at our resort will be imprinted forever! There are basic rooms available, as well as rooms on the lawn side, in the valley side, in the royal villa, and in the valley villa. You can choose your favourite activities from a variety of fascinating options.

9. Savana Resorts

In Hindi, the word "Savana" denotes endless vegetation following a monsoon. This resort in Igatpuri offers you the opportunity to experience an eco-friendly holiday, making it the perfect weekend retreat. With a cosy stay right here, you may get closer to the beautiful surroundings.

This resort boasts the most scenic and upscale environment, with the Sahyadri hills in the background and the shimmering Waldevi River on the opposite end. Prepare yourself for a relaxing vacation in a beautiful natural setting at this lovely 16-acre property.

10. Shagun Resort

Shagun Resort is a great option for a holiday with family and friends because it has a play area and water park where you can easily spend many hours having fun. One of the top Bhandardara resorts, the water park features slides, a rain dance area, and a wave pool that quickly becomes the focus for most visitors.

The resort offers complimentary parking, laundry, and an on-site restaurant. Additionally, it features a conference room and offerings tailored to corporations and other big groups.