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Top 10 Resorts In Mulshi

In Mulshi, there are many resorts that are ideal for getting away from the bustle of the city and into the lovely, lush hillside beauty of the area. These resorts range from opulent buildings to independent boutique resorts, eco-resorts, and ones created to promote traditional Maharashtrian "wada" culture and tribal arts.

The top resorts in Mulshi are listed below:

1. Jalsrushti Resort

This island resort is the ideal location to enjoy the fresh and scented riverfront air because it is tucked away among thick vegetation at the banks of River Mula. The hotel, Mulshi's unique island resort, provides opulently elevated wooden riverside and pondside villas with rustic furnishings and stunning views of the river or the lotus pond. Visit the resort's watchtower for stunning views of the sunrise and sunset.

2. Malhar Machi Resort

Malhar Machi Resort, with its lovely village-like atmosphere and tranquilly typical of a verdant mountainside, is the ideal spot to get close to nature. Mulshi's most picturesque resorts.

The Sahyadris and Mulshi Dam may be seen in all their breathtaking beauty from the Maharaja Room, Bougainvilla villas, Luxury rooms, and Maharaja and Premium dorms, among other ultra-luxurious lodging options. The on-site multi-cuisine restaurant serves delectable meals and beverages.

3. Encore- A Boutique Resort

This Mulshi resort has simply breathtaking lake views that will make you fall in love with the place right away! The Sahyadri Hills surround the Encore resort, which boasts a stunning view of the Himalayas. Located at 40 kilometres from Pune and 178 kilometres from Mumbai, this place is perfect for a tranquil weekend break!

This resort's large, opulent rooms provide all the comfort you could possibly want. The restaurant offers a variety of tantalising dishes to sate your appetite. The little detailed and thoughtful features at the resort show that the resort puts comfort foremost.

4. Residency Lake Resort

This stunning lakefront house is well-known for its opulently plush surroundings and amenities. It is situated in the verdant Sahyadris foothills. It provides cottages with the finest amenities and opulent decor. The resort's Cliff Café and Dip Bar serves up delectable meals and beverages.

5. The Ark Wellness Resort

Visit this unique The Ark Wellness Resort the next time you're considering spending the weekend. The Ark Wellness Resort is the ideal location for you because it is surrounded by nature and far from the annoying crowd.

When you arrive at this lovely forest resort close to Pune, you'll discover that everything at The Ark has been planned with your physical and emotional well-being in mind. Enjoy the resort's amenities while getting away from life's stresses. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of creativity, choose a book off the shelf, and mull over thoughts of happiness, tranquilly, and life.

6. Bougainvillea Resort

One of the most well-liked resorts in Mulshi for a holiday with friends and family is Bougainvillea Resort, which is located in the foothills of the magnificent Sahyadris. 22 comfortable yet opulent rooms are available, ranging from Standard cottage to Luxury cottages and tents. The resort's Pool Villa, which has an indoor pool right next to the bed, is its best feature.

7. Rutuparna Farms

RutuParna Farm is the perfect vacation from Pune because it is tucked away in lush settings and just a short distance from the shores of the Mulshi River. You may rely on us for all of your meals, leisure activities, children's sports equipment, and evening barbecues in addition to being able to unwind. The farm has fully equipped rooms with air conditioning, a toilet, and a bath. A fishing location is located 3 kilometres from the resort and can increase the excitement of your trip.

8. Dhepe Wada Resort

This breathtakingly beautiful historical resort, famous for its elaborate Maratha-style structure, is a well-liked wedding venue and one of the greatest locations for a weekend escape. When you play traditional games like bhavra, aba dubi, zimma, etc. and snap pictures while dressed in regional attire, the location guarantees an authentic Maharashtrian experience.

9. Surya Shibir Resort

One of the greatest resorts in Mulshi for a brief getaway is this eco-resort, which is situated near the Varasgaon Dam in the deepest reaches of the lush Sahyadri highlands. It is one of the rare resorts that is surrounded by a diverse array of wildlife, including jackals, hedgehogs, drongos, golden orioles, bamboo, and amla, among other creatures, birds, and plants. For your accommodation, you can pick between Deluxe Edition Lakefront rooms, Luxury rooms and dorm rooms.

10. Golden Field Resort

This resort is located beside the Mula River and is surrounded by lush, peaceful scenery and numerous birds. Your stay at this resort will be enhanced by the sound of running water thanks to its riverfront location. Try some locally created, authentic food while enjoying some quiet time here.

This resort offers a variety of accommodations, starting with Dreamers Retreat, a room with mountain views, and Golden 4, a family villa. It offers the ideal getaways from the hustle and bustle of the city.