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Top 10 Resorts In Sonapur

Top 10 Resorts In Sonapur

Sonapur resorts provide lodging suitable for all price categories. You will never run out of options here, ranging from extravagant, lavish stays offered to more cosy housing.

Some of Sonapur's top resorts are listed below:

1. Dichang Resort

Dichang, one of Sonapur's best low-cost resorts, provides visitors with a comfortable stay in a historical setting. Dichang provides lodging in 7 cottage suites in addition to their attractive, delightfully furnished rooms. Each room and cottage is tastefully decorated and equipped with all the necessities.

Fresh, regional ingredients are used to prepare the food at this restaurant, and the open bar near the resort grounds offers a restorative experience. In addition, Dichang Resort arranges a variety of adventurous activities for its visitors, including fishing trips, river cruises, treks, and more.

2. Panacea-The Village

Panacea aims to reproduce a true Assamese village stay, as implied by its name. The best resort in Sonapur for experiencing a real tribal culture is Panacea. The resort's central lake, beautiful meadows, and charming woods provide a peaceful retreat in the midst of nature.

The hotel offers tastefully decorated rooms with all the essential conveniences, including televisions, telephones, intercoms, minibars, and attached bathrooms. The Resort also boasts a separate adventure park with a variety of entertaining features like ziplining, archery, sling walks, and more.

3. Brahmaputra Jungle Resort

Brahmaputra Jungle Resort, the greatest resort in Sonapur that offers a genuine jungle stay experience, is tucked away among Assamese tea plantations. The Resort offers a much-needed natural refuge and is surrounded on the back side by the Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary. The resort has 18 guestrooms, including cottages and conventional rooms.

The charm of this Sonapur resort is further enhanced by the presence of a variety of animals on the property. Delicious Indian cuisine is served at the Resort's own on-site restaurant. Here, a variety of adventure sports, including rowing, archery, trampolining, and more, are also organised.

4. Aarian Woods Resort

Aarian Woods, which is remote from the hustle and bustle of the big metropolis, aims to build a posh refuge in the middle of nature. The resort's location amidst expansive tea gardens provides a wonderful natural haven. The studio apartment-styled accommodations at this Sonapur Resort boast the utmost in comfort. All required conveniences are present in the cabins.

5. Atithya Resort

Atithya Resort, a laid-back establishment with basic accommodations, is a great option for leisurely weekend trips. The hotel's rooms are tastefully decorated and supplied with all the facilities of today. Atithya Resort is a well-liked destination for family vacations thanks to its roomy accommodations and cosy atmosphere. The in-house restaurant at this Sonapur resort in Guwahati, which serves exquisite Indian cuisine, is what is most well-known about it.

6. Spring Valley Resort

This opulent lodging, one of Sonapur's most well-known luxury resorts, aims to give its visitors a top-notch experience. All basic conveniences, such as telephone services, satellite television, tea and coffee makers, and so forth, are included in the luxuriously appointed resort rooms at this location.

The resort's lovely lawns provide a much-needed natural haven. You can engage in a variety of outdoor sports and activities here. The resort's highly praised multicuisine restaurant has huge popularity among visitors.

7. The Blue Orchid Resort

The Blue Orchid Resort is a relatively undiscovered Sonarpur resort that is situated just outside of Guwahati City. The Blue Orchid is a well-liked destination for weekend getaways for families thanks to its roomy and well-furnished shacks. The resort's restaurant is well-known for its delicious meals and treats. A few petting animals are also housed within the Resort, which adds to its allure.

8. Palette- Club Nirvana

Palette Club, a well-known low-cost hotel in Sonapur, aims to provide its visitors with the best comforts in a cosy setting. Families and groups of friends can stay in comfort in the roomy, well equipped accommodations.

Each room has a private bathroom that is attached and equipped with the most contemporary conveniences. In-house dining options at the resort include a restaurant and bar that serve free breakfast buffets.

9. New City Resort

New City Resort, a modest hotel with well-appointed, roomy accommodations, provides its visitors with a relaxing retreat. All basic conveniences, including an intercom, a phone, cable television, and other items, are included in the rooms here.

The area is given an air of closeness and friendliness by the cottages, which are constructed in a manner like a traditional hut. New City, which is renowned for its affordability, has its own restaurant on premises.

10. Ranikhamar- The Retreat

Ranikhamar- The Retreat is a beautiful retreat outside of crowded cities where visitors can take advantage of nature's best features right on the premises. The Resort provides choices for tent-staying in addition to its tastefully appointed rooms. The resort's traditionally designed huts give the area a rustic appearance. The food at this restaurant is delectable and is prepared in the manner of the Assamese people.