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Top 10 Travel Podcasts That You Shouldn't Miss

Recent years have seen a meteoric rise in the popularity of podcasts, particularly in the travel industry. Who doesn't love to travel, after all? Podcasts include a wide range of topics, including interesting travel tales, practical advice, details on leading a nomadic lifestyle, and inspiration while on the road. Here are the top 6 travel podcasts of this year to help you feel motivated for your next journey or your attempt at living a nomadic lifestyle!

1. The Thought Card

This podcast is hosted by Danielle Desir and focuses on wealth creation, international travel, and debt repayment. Danielle inspires her audience to make wise financial decisions that will help them reach their travel and financial objectives.


Traveling Jackie, formerly known as the Budget-Minded Traveler, encourages others to embark on exciting journeys and experience the globe. She offers useful, practical advice that will empower you to take the plunge and explore.

3. Chronicles Abroad

The show's hosts, Nubia Younge and Frantzce Lys, showcase their own international living experiences as well as those of others who took chances to pursue their ambition of being location independent.

4. Extra Pack of Peanuts

For anyone who wish to travel on a tight budget, this podcast is fantastic. The show's presenter, Travis, speaks with entrepreneurs, bloggers, and nomads who share their insights and practical advice on how to go on your own budget travels.

5. Women on the Road

The #vanlife is explored in this biweekly podcast featuring single female travellers. Interviewing these bold ladies, host Laura Hughes puts her own creative perspective on their wandering way of life.

6. As Told by Nomads

With an emphasis on leaders in business, culture, travel, and international affairs, host Tayo Rockson shares amazing tales from entrepreneurs and nomads.

7. The Globetrotter Lounge

Jet Set Lisette, a multi-award winning travel expert and host, is the host of this podcast. Lisette conducts conversations with remarkable and motivating women who have devised inventive methods to traverse the globe.

8. Ticket 2 Anywhere

Leah and Trizzy, two female travellers with full-time jobs who enjoy travelling whenever possible, serve as the podcast's hosts. Their podcast is rife with suggestions, counsel, and tales to assist you in making the most of your travels, living life to the fullest, taking full use of your weekends, and making the most of your vacation days.

9. The Offbeat Life

The stories of digital nomads and independent business owners are featured in this podcast. It delves deeply into the difficulties of launching a remote business and how to lead a nomadic lifestyle that is sustainable.

10. The Travel Now Podcast

This podcast is brimming with suggestions for places to visit, ways to make the most of your vacation, and ways to cut costs while travelling. Luke Richardson, a thriller novelist, presents a mix of interviews, personal travel accounts, and episodes captured live while travelling to intriguing locations.