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Top 5 Harry Potter Themed Restaurants In The World

The movie adaptation of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling came out two decades ago. In addition to making Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson famous names, the Chris Columbus-directed film, which had its US premiere on November 16, 2001, also introduced many people who were unaware of the Harry Potter book series to the magical world of Hogwarts.

Here is a list of the top five Harry Potter-themed eateries worldwide.

Platform 1094, Singapore

Conceptualized by Fresh Fruits Lab Group, Platform 1094. The restaurant is known for its amazing food and beverages, such as the Goblet of Fire cocktail, which is made with blue Curacao, lemonade, and Bacardi.

This Harry Potter-themed restaurant's interior design will carry you away to a fantastical setting. For any Potterhead, the props and Instagram-worthy setting are a dream come true.

Amazing dishes on the menu include the house-elves' unique pork ribs, lychee cake, and wizard's secret message, which is a chocolate Swiss roll topped with a vanilla owl macaron, vanilla crumble, and chocolate branches.

Bad Owl Coffee, Nevada, US

The coffee at this café is reputed to have a hint of enchantment. Visitors to this charming cafe may relax as they eat a choice of sandwiches, pastries, teas, and flavoured coffee beverages.

A variation of the renowned butterbeer latte from the Harry Potter films, butter brew, is also offered on the menu. You may visit Bad Owl Coffee in Chicago in addition to Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Cauldron Co., New York, US

Do you want to have a wonderful pub experience? Then, if you're nearby, you really must stop by The Cauldron. Potions Experience, a private or semi-private cocktail-making experience for 2–10 people, and dining and drinking reservations, which offer table reservations both inside the venue and outside for al fresco dining at the historic Stone Street, are the two reservation types offered by the establishment.

They provide both a family-friendly and an adult potion experience. Alcohol can be used in the creation of potions. Additionally, a variety of vegan and gluten-free beverages are offered.

Mandrakes A Magical Experience, Ormskirk, England

Not only is the café dog-friendly, but it also employs foods from regional farmers. Additionally, parties, workshops, mixology evenings, business events, quiz nights, reading clubs, school clubs, and other gatherings with a Harry Potter theme can be scheduled there. Their enchanted beverages and sweets are worth sampling.

The Lancashire Telegraph reports that visitors are able to explore the magically themed and furnished rooms after enjoying a coffee or a meal to eat, participate in a group quiz, and even take photographs with wands and robes.

Hedley Books & Coffee, Malaysia

Hedley Books & Coffee is a paradise for bibliophiles, filled to the brim with books. On their Facebook page, they state: "We are not affiliated with or connected to Warner Bros. We only have a tiny book café to promote reading behaviour. Everyone is welcome here.

While indulging in mouthwatering treats like apple crumble, almond tiramisu, and marble cheesecake, guests may enjoy flipping through a variety of books.